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So I've been here at work for an hour now. Haven't done any actual work yet. I did however catch up on current software at FileFlash, and I uploaded some pictures from the 30th at the cottage. Some duplicates from the other day, but several others. I tried to trim out a lot of the redundant/duplicate pictures. While I was at it I cleaned up my account on beorn, deleted some of the older mp3's or ones I uploaded for a one time download. Despite that my homedir is 58 megs in size. Ouch. I was searching Google for "Medlir" like usual because I was bored and noticed my old geocities page that got deleted still shows up even though it's been taken over by a Power Rangers freak and even he's moved on since then. Since it showed up, I decided to update my straightedge.com profile, so the result is here. I tried updating my GeekNews profile but I don't want to bother figuring out the password at the moment. I'm not sure why my April 10th entry shows up in Google. I'm glad it did though, because while I was there I added one of the entries as a memory. Results also included Evan's Insanity Script run on my own and Karla Anne's journal. I wonder why I showed up in her journal. Probably an IRC quote or something. :P

Eight of the results aren't me. This and this have to do with the origin of the name, or at least where I got it from. This and this are a guy I knew on EFNet a few years ago I think. I was fairly annoyed when some guy on EFNet started using my nick after telling me he wouldn't. He left a shell account on for several months just to piss me off. I disappeared for six months to a year and when I came back he was gone. Yay. I have no idea who this and this was. I'm fairly sure it wasn't me. :P And then this and this are for LegendMUD which I think I've played, but I'm fairly positive isn't me. :P Must track down these imposter Medlir's! Ideally, they're all the same guy and he'll disappear some day. :P Someone made an imposter of me on SoulXChange. There's two imposters on ICQ now... this one is old and I tried forever to figure out who made it. For all I know, I did since I've never seen it online. This one is newer but still annoying. :P

I think I'll eat my other donut now (already ate one and some apple-cinnamon yogurt). Mmm, breakfast. Then lasagna and a Strawberry-Banana yogurt for lunch. :D Yum!

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