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Nothing is trivial.

Let's see... update in general.

Got an HP 500X External Print Server for free on Thursday from Nelson at work.

My friend Mike (Krassos on sxc) stopped by for an hour or so on Friday so we talked and crap, I burned off some CD's for him and then he left again. I worked on rewriting the sxcmaxflipper that Andy wrote. Still having issues with flipping more than one soul consecutively. It seems to completely ignore the fact that it's just bought a new soul, and gets stuck in a buying loop. It really makes no sense, or didn't at the time I last touched it. The way it does the transactions is damn scary too still, I want to change that and I think I know a better way that will work, once I look up the syntax on the method. So then the rest of Friday is a blur.

So Saturday I woke up around 11 I think, sataround, then at 1PM, bro had to be at the school for the 5th Annual Fireman's Festival Parade. So I rodemy bike into town with my backpack and CD player and such. Bought two gatorades once I got there and downed one right away. Then pushed it a little too far riding down main street at 35mph or so. The exertion, lack of anywarm-up/build-up to it, and a quart or so of ice cold gatorade hadme puking in the park 15 minutes or so later. Actually, I heaved up some gatorade twice on the bridge before the park, and then 3-4 times after I was in the park and drinking water too. So then I laid on the grass near the fountain for a while and let everything settle and the dizziness subside. It was semi-good the gatorade was the only thing I'd eaten or drank that day so far. And then I got back up and rode all over town. The parade started on the far end so I rode down there and gave bro a drink of the other gatorade. Olivet is only a mile long, so I rode alongside the band most of the way, doubling back 5 or 6 times before we hit downtown. Then I saw Angel who I graduated with. Then I saw my uncle Steve, and he pointed out my parents to me. So I talked to them and bro's friend Karl's parents for a while, and met Steve's girlfriend Kim. Our representitive among other people where int he parade. Then I doubled back and buzzed the end of the parade since it had caught up. The former principal/now superintendent waved at me like I was part of the parade. Most everyone in Olivet recognizes me on my bike. So then the parade was over and I rode down to the middle/high school and met up with bro. Him, Keith, and I rode around in the street mocking Tony who was in his car and stuck in traffic. He let Wes out while he was moving at one point. Karl walked home. I found it funny the number of golf carts, quad's and 3-wheelers flying around town on the roads. So Keith wanted something to drink and we rode down to Double Nickel. I warned him and bro about caffeine dehydrating them while riding. It was funny later watching them tired and struggling. :P We headed back to theother end of town to find Tony but no luck. Headed back tot he middle of town and converged on Karl's house to fill up Keith's tire. Met up with Karl and Wes again, and Tony. So everyone was rockin' it on bikes. We went downtown to Karl's dads glass shop to use his compressor to fill up tires that were low and Keither used my bike kit to fix his brakes. We talked about Realms of Despair (the MUD most of us play) for a while. Then rode down tot he high school again to catch the car show that was about to close in 20 minutes at 4PM. We checked out the awesome green station wagon that was loaded with a built-in LCD display, and computer with 4.3 gig mp3 drive and DVD-ROM drive. He had a mini-keyboard and a seperate numpad+touchpad, plus two little remotes. The interior waslike black leather and dark green plush velvet. We all oggled it for 15 minutes. Then we rode back downtown. In the center of town is a giant indentation, it used to be a mill pond way back when when they iused to dam the river. Now it's a softball field with concrete bleachers set into one hill near the road, the firebarn up on the other hill to the right, and the doctor's office ont he hill off to the right towards main street. They had two huge slip-n-slides setup on the hill by the firebarn. And tons of people just sitting around int he grass under the huge willow trees. We rode all over, watched the former principal in the dunk tank, talked to Keith's mom who referred to me as "the computer guy". We watched the band director in the dunk tank. Uncle Steve dunked both of them serveral times. Some crazy band was playing this dumb song off int he bank parking lot. Tony went home to get his handheld camcorder. We rode around more. The giant medical helicopter from the medical center flew in and landed on the ballfield for every to look at so we took some time to eye it. Around 4:40 I think it was going to take back off so we all had to get out of the way, it was awesome watching it take off from the ballfield. Before long it was 5PM and time for free chicken dinner at the firebarn! 1600 pounds of chicken legs, plus baked beans, chips, rolls, and orange drink. All free. So bro, Karl. and I got in line early, before 5, so we wouldn;t have to wait. By the time the line started moving, it was back up fromt he back firebarn door, around the front, out to the street, and down the street to the ballpark. Wes was up ahead of us. We let Keith cut in when he finally showed back up. I grabbed two dinners, bro and Keith asked me why, i said one was for Tony, they asked "Really?", I'm like, "No." :P I was hungry damnit and not going to wait in line again. :P So we ate in the grass next to the firebarn parking lot, and then afterwards, bro, Krither, karl and I went back to Karl's. Karl started playing Baldur's Gate, Keith and Nate started playing Super Smash Bros. on N64. I couldn't do either so I sata round and then left and rode around more. Talked to Wes at his church's candy booth for a while. Tricia who iwent to the Math/Science Center with showed up after she got out of work at Tim's, I talked to her for a while, we agreed that Julia Stiles is hot. :P After a while, she ended up wandering across the street to where her parents were. I went back to Karl's again. Then back down to the firebarn again, the line had died down to just wrapping outside the firebarn and along the side so I got in line and got a third dinner. Damn good chicken! Rode around more, talked more, etc. Saw Tony at some point, he had wondered where we allw ent, I toldhim to head to Karl's. By the last time I headed back there, Tony had gone home to get two more controllers and Karl, Nate, Tony, and Keith were all playing Super Smash Bros. Tony left to get something to drink and Wes took over his spot. I pointed out it was almost 8PM by this point, and Keith took off like a bat out of hell. We had to get home too because we'd been planning on seeing Planet of the Apes as a family at 9:30. So we left, passed Tony on the way back downtown, told him Wes, and Keith had left and only Karl was still there. He told us he passed Keith and that he was booking it back towards the middle school when he saw him. So we rode out there again, and there he was. He was supposed to have been there at 7 but his sister's basketball game ran late so he got damn lucky. So we rode home, Keith called and said he could go to the movie, and Karl said he was going and Keith was riding with him. Took showers, got cleaned up, and left for that, met parents there, sis and boyfriend there, and Karl and Keith. I liked the movie even if the last couple minutes sucked.

7 hours or so of biking on Saturday... yeehaw.

And then Sunday... woke up, and went down to the school. Helped pack up a big truck with instruments and food and crap for the band. Dad and bro and just about everyone mentioned Saturday left for band camp. I went home with mom and then left to go to a computer sale sis had told me about in a message on the answering machine Saturday. I talked to the guy for a while about misc crap, bought an HP Scanner for $10, he gave me an old IBM system for free. Then I went around to all the Dept. stores: Meijer's,Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. Was looking for an FM Transmitter carkit deal so I can plug it into anything with a stereo jack and broadcast it. No luck, but I saw a DVD Player at Wal-Mart for $100 that could play DVD/VCD/SVCD/MP3 so I bought it since my current playercan't play VCD's. Then at Meijer's I bought Wargames and Secret of Nimh on DVD. Then I went home. I can't remember last night at all though right now.

Monday I skipped work like on Friday. I went into Charlotte again to visit the RadioShack: Audio Adventure and they had a transmitter like I wanted so I bought it with my last $40 since I get paid Thursday, and I wanted it so we can listen to mp3's and watch movies and listen to them on the truck stereo on the way to Canada this weekend. At first I thought it was broken when I got home, actually it was just me being retarded. I started to leave to take it back,w as halfway down the driveway in fact, when I got it working. So I'm happy with it now. Runs for 100 hours on 2 AAA's.

And here I am. I take it back, i watched Wargames twice, Nimh, The Crow twice, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on Sunday night. I just kind of laid here in a daze. Dozing off every now and then. Kinda like tonight. I put in Matrix and fell asleep for a bit of it, I was listening to it more than watching kinda. Woke up and started talking online around 5AM I think. Saw everyone had abandoned me on the RP room on AIM, told a few people goodnight on AIM and IRC, started this, talked to Kim for a bit, and that about wraps it up.

P.S. This post isn't intentionally long and uncut to irritate Kim, but I'm sorry if it does. :P

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