I noticed I don't write as much sometimes, and even when I do write a lot, I'm still behind with the number of posts I've made compared to others who createdaround the same time. It kind of annoyed me when I thought about how I feel guilty about filling people's friends pages sometimes when I'm contributing so much less than some people and it's my journal anyway. :P

But anyway, I need to do several big updates, general updates, get back int he groove of posting. For today though, just some scenery shots from earlier today up north at the cottage.

36 thumbs, 3-4K each, click thumbs for 640x480 originals

i'm way over your # of posts...
and i created long after you....

i'll look at pictures tommorow after shchool

That's what I mean, you've been around half as long as me, and have three times the number of posts, and yet I feel like I'm getting pressure from people for posting too much. :P It makes no sense. :P

Don't worry about it...
people used to complain about how much i posted
besides... its kinda an addiction

It's not an addiction for me... not right now at least. :P I very rarely make short posts too though, like some people make an entry just to advertise and say their cam is on which I won't do. I try to give my entries a little more substance and save up smaller topics to go into a conglomerate post. :P

i tried doing that..
but it didn't last for long.. i end up making medium sized posts.....

I try not to make more then 5 a day...
i used to average at about 15 a day...
bad... :P

you're always welcome to fill up as much space on my page as you'd like. and now that i'm not really tired, i'm gonna go look at your pics.

-glad you enjoyed your relaxing weekend-


Thanks. :)

Its your journal Rick, you should feel free to post as much or as little as you please. People always have the option to remove you from their friends lists!
post away or remain silent as far as I'm concerned, thats your choice.
Love the pics by the way :)

I know, and I do. :) I'm just saying it feels like the pressure is there, not that I act on it and don't post because of it. And thank you. :)

Heh, you've got 447 entries vs. my 93, and you created your journal two months after I did. :)

Sad thing is, I, too, feel bad when I write more than one post a day, or an exceptionally long post, because of that whole friends list thing. Even though I rarely update at all, that's been enough to keep me from updating several times. Funny stuff.

-- Sky

I'm going to try to update more, I usually do during the semester since I have more going on. I will cast off the shackles of journal oppression and post many times! :P