Rick (medlir) wrote,

Realm of Kinda Annoying

They're working on the highway between home and work for me. They're dumpingdirt alongside the inner lane shoulder to cover up the weeds and grass and so it's actually a shoulder beyond the two foot wide concrete shoulder (the out lanes have a full shoulder big enough for a car). So anyway, the annoying part comes in with the fact that they closed the entire inner lane and slowed the remaining single lane down to 45mph. What I don't understand about this is that they did this over a distance of several miles, and there were no actual people working in the lane. There was a dumptruck dumping a little dirt, and a single little steamroller going over the dirt on the shoulder. So closing the lane is understandable due to the fact that the dump truck takes up a lot of area, but why slow everyone down too when there's no actual workers working in the lane, just one steamroller way over on the shoulder.

I just got assigned "homework" at work. Me and Nick spent all afternoon having Nelson explain the workings of the LIMS system, the class hierarchy in use, the app elements, how it all fits together, etc. So we're supposed to make our own class hierarchy for testing purposes with a visual and custom non-visual class, and mess with it. We're going to have another "meeting" to go over more of it next Tuesday at 1PM. :P I got here today at almost exactly 1PM because of this "seminar" today. :P

I have a headache though, one of my reasons for being late. Mom came home in the middle of the day yesterday because she did too. We're not sure what's causing it. Stomach cramps and more. I would think some kind of food poisoning, but I haven't eaten anything other people haven't, and nothing volatile recently. So it's going on 4:30 and I think I'll gohome then instead of at 5 even though I need the time. I thinkI'll make myself severalPB&J sandwiches when I get there, and then find a good book to read on my couch. I finished the book Kira sent me for my birthday last night. It was awesome. :) Towards the end I was starting to think it wasgoing to turn out really crappily and it almost did and might have still, but a lot of things turned around at the last minute, so I was happy. :) Not sure if Erin is checking out my LJ, but yeah, I see what you meant now about the ending. :P

I need food.

Chenin has started her job at TGI Fridays she said. Whoohoo for making money! And she has new pics which are always awesome. :) I start my first class tomorrow night. Then next week, ideally work will be from 7:20AM-4:40PM M-F and then class 5:30PM-9:40PM M-Th. I'll post my schedule later tonight when I have it front of me. I wish I played thelottery and won it. :P Maybe I should once a week or something. When I actually have money. I'm going to the Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI this Sunday. Going to meet John/tontumani there. Maybe some others, I haven't talked to anyone else. I'll probably have to ask for $40 from my parents for gas and money to get in since I won't get paid till next Thursday. I should print off driving directions tonight.

More later, it's 4:30 already and I'm hungry.

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