Monday: PSYC-220-03 - Developmental Psychology - 06:00PM-9:10PM
Tuesday: PHIL-202-01 - Introduction to Ethics - 06:00PM-09:10PM
Wednesday: PSYC-250-02 - Abnormal Psychology - 06:00PM-09:10PM
Thursday: HIST-100-03 - Western Civilization: Ancient and Medieval History - 06:00PM-09:10PM

Ethics is fun. Hope you have a good prof. :)

He's a cool guy, he's also a heavy duty Christian though which is kind of annoying when he ties the two together instead of being objective. He's a cool Philosophy prof too. This is actually a re-take of the class because I quit going to it last semester. :P I wonder if it's ethical to sign up for a class and then decide not to go. :P

not that you would...but if ever you wanna blather about psych...lemme know.

la (b.a. psychology, cum laude 1996>

Psych should rock, this guy (Justin I think...) from my intro to Psych class last spring is in my medieval history class, and he rocks. :P Our Intro class was awesome, so now we're both in the history class, and we both have abnormal psych together, we're hoping it rocks as much as intro did. :P He had developmental over the summer and said it's not too bad. What funny is he's only 16. :P When he said that in history the other day, I was like... "How long are you going to be 16? :P" He said he was the "eternal 16 year old" but that his birthday is in Sept. :P I swear, he acts older. At least I can't see my brother doing college courses at 15. :P (Sorry Nate. :P)