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Poll, The Weekend, At Work, etc.

Bringing this to the top in case anyone still wants to fill it out. I think it's surprising the number of people I don't know who filled it out so far, even people who don't even have common friends with me. I have no idea where they came from. :P So anyway, if you didn't take it before, the LJ Satisfaction Poll is still there. :P

The weekend. So Friday night I ran down to the high school football game butgot down there right after half-time gotover so I missed broand the band playing. I talked to him for a while, c aughtmy parents before they went up north, etc. Walked around the field once to see if anyone I knew was there but didn't see anyone so I left again. Got home, bro had some friends over, played Super Smash Brothers on N64 int he living room with stereo sound. :P I don't remember what else I did besides sit around. Saturday. Woke up around 9:30, got ready, took both wheels on my bike (quick release) to get it in my truck and left around 10AM. Picked up sis' friend Jennie, went to Charlotte to roll around during the Frontier Days parade. Bro rode my bike, I had my rollerblades. I saw my Aunt and Uncle, and my cousin Meagan who is one of the drum majors for one of the local schools. SO I rolled around a bunch, bro and Iset a 2PM time to meet back at my car at the fairgrounds. I lost him at one point, and was flying through a store parking lot in the middle of town when I met upwith his friend Keith. Keith was buying pickles. For his mom who was helping run his church's food cafe thing for the day. I sent him in to get my change for a $20. :P While I was waiting, sis, Jennie, and Russell came by and said they were headed for the store. So then they left, Keith came back out, and we wandered around for a while. Meanwhile, it got to be 2PM so I headed for the other end of town where the fairgrounds and my car are. After waiting a little bit, here comes Nate... walking. He left my bike behind a building on mainstreet in the middle of the day during a festival, and it got stolen because hedidn't take off the wheel, leave it where someone could watch it for him, or anything. So now I have no mountain bike. We looked around, then went out to the cops and reported it, then looked around for 3 hours or so. Nothing. So we went home around 5:30 because his friends were coming over at 6PM. I got something to eat, thick hunting socks so I wouldn't get blisters in my rollerblades, and I went out again. Nothing though. Got caught is several thunderstorms, I love thunderstorms here. So it got dark and I went home again and basically died. Mom and sis had called and wanted me to call back, but bro never told me the messages. His friends left. I went downstairs to find something to watch on DirectTV, and ended up dieing right there on the living room couch. More than once. I kept waking up every 2 hours or so, saw the thing I had changed channels to was over, would change it again, fall back asleep, miss it again, etc. So around 9:30AM Sunday I wake up... CRAP! I'm supposed to have talked to John the night before about us meeting the Renaissance Festival Sunday. So I get up, get online, talk to him, get ready finally, leave around 11:30 I think. Got there,met up, we walked around the RenFest the rest of the afternoon. It was cool, it rained off and on though. Mmm, Turkey Drumsticks at the RenFest... ::drool:: Watched The Ded Bob Show twice...Ded Bob rocks, I been bobmatized,I am a bobzombie. :P Watched The Wench Show, Don Juan and Miguel, Dance of Danger, etc. Was fun. Poured as we left though at 6PM. :P So I drove the 1.5h home again, and crashed some more. I had checked Charlotte for my bike when I left and when I came home. There was a big accident on the way home... some Caddilac thought they could takeon a semi... caddi was all mangled, semi was on it's side int he median. Not too pretty. I slept fitfully last night too... 2 hours, wake up, sleep 2 hours, wake up, etc. All night. Maybe not even 2 hours between waking up. What gets me is when I can't sleep, and every time I wake up my laptop screen is still on, meaning I haven't even been asleep 15 minutes straight the whole night or else the power-saving would kick in.

So today, after rollerblading and walking the RenFest, my legs are killing me... very sore. Barely walk. I got some food, drove into Charlotte, checked the high school and middle school bike racks for my bike, checked the scene of the crime. No luck. Bought $9 in gas with quarters, basically all the money I had not counting lesser coins. :P So now I'm at work. I got here around 1:20... staying till 4:45 I guess because they want me to watch some phones for a while. Which means as soon as 4:45 hits, I have to drive the entire hour and 15 minutes to class as soon as I get out. No stop at home, no dinner, straight from work to class. Bleh. I need the time though.

Ah well, more later.

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