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Conglomerate Post

Several of these stolen from Kim, others possibly stolen from Kira and Summer. If I stole one of these from someone else, and you can prove it, let me know. :P


# of (unique) people on my LJ friends list: 119
Met in person: 4
...more then once: 2
Talked to on the phone: 8
House I have been to: 2
Who have been to my house: 3
Whose precise geo. location I know off-hand: 6 at least.
Full names I know off hand: 18 at least.
Followed/been in touch with for 3+ years: 5
Live outside my country: 21 I think.
Journals I consider myself "addicted" to: 0
I've lived with: 1
Whose ex I slept with: 0
Who I'd do: 1 for sure, 11 maybe/I've thought about it, 1 I'd like to say never, but maybe if we were the last two people on earth I might. heh.
Who I've done: 0

* Note: Several of the above questions only have values because of my sister and cousin. 2 people in each of the following would be them: met in person, more than once, phone, house, my house, geographic, full names, in touch, and the 1 in lived with. :P


# of times i have been in love: 0
...times I *thought* I was/might be: 6
# of hearts i have broken: None that I know of.
# of boys i have kissed in my life: 0 (assuming this means non-family when little)
# of girls i have kissed: 0 (assuming romantically)
# of continents i have visited: 1
# of drugs taken illegally: 0
# of people classified as true, could trust with my life type friends: None really. None in person at least. I'd say there's maybe 5-7 people online I might turn to because there's no one else so it's the best I have.
# of cd's you own: audio: 180 - total: 450 or so.
# of piercings: 0
# of tattoos: 0
# of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 12 or so, mostly school-related stuff.
# of scars on my heart: 1, and 1 open wound.
# of people that have made me scared of what they could do to me physically: 0


Philosophy Test

Your Results:
1. Sartre (100%) more info
2. Kant (97%) more info
3. Mill (95%) more info


Sleaze Test

6 out of 61 answers have been added to the database
You scored 14 out of 317 possible points
A life with the church is too corrupt for you!
The average score on this site is: 91


The "Am I A Goth, Trendy or Alternative?" Test

Goth: 25%
Trendy: 30%
Alternative: 45%

Conclusion: From this, we can tell that you are either a really well-balanced person, or you just have no taste whatsoever.


And last but not least, my Face The Jury link... http://www.facethejury.com/profile.asp?user_name=medlir
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