Happy B-Earth Day to Christy, Gavin, Pascalle, Marissa, Allegra, Nymbara, and JLee!

you scared me for a min there
i thought you ment me
i was like... no its not my birthday

Maybe it is and you just don't know it!

I highly doubt it
livejournal will tell me when my birthday is

And thanks to me complaining, when it does tell you, it won't give out your hidden email address to the entire world in the process any longer. :P

i don't think i ever got one pre-change...
maybe though

Example of the old notice...


Soul Traders,

This is a reminder that today is Rick's birthday (LiveJournal user: medlir). You have Rick listed as a friend in your LiveJournal, so we thought this reminder would be useful.

If you'd like to mail this person and wish them a happy birthday, their email address is:


LiveJournal.com Team


someone keeps thier emails from long ago
but yea, i looked it up a few min ago
www.danga.com/lj/cvsweb.cgi rules

That's only from this June. :P I have unreplied emails older than that. And actually, I keep all email (except spam, adverts, etc), indefinately. I have email from 1995 on here. :P

I keep most of my inbox emails
and some sorted ones
but the lj ones i delete, they take up to much space
i got about 400 comment emails in 4 months
at least

About the only things I delete fromt ime to time are BugTraq emails, I'll delete everything that doesn't pertain to software I'm using or that that doesn't sound interesting on it's own. I have 425 LJ emails from March 25th up to this minute. Everything gets sorted. When I reply to an LJ comment email, I moveit to the "LiveJournal" folder, BugTraq atuomatically gets filtered into it's own folder, eBay and Paypal email goes into another, etc. :P

ah, well i deleted from hotmail when i was using hotmail because it got to full, and stuff
and just didn't feel like syncing a imap folder with 400+ emails every time i check

I end up keeping most of my emails anyways thoug

Eww, yeah. I deleted everything from hotmail. Half the time they delete it for me. ;) We use Novell GroupWise at work, I hate it. I avoid checking it anywhere but at work on the network. :P

I currenlty use my own server to host my mail, and use imap to deal with keeping all my mail in one place...

School doesn't provide incomming or outgoing mail... but uses novel... .. *shrug*

I just have my ISP account mainly. medlir@livejournal.com goes to it, medlir@mindless.com, medlir@warped.com, medlir@capybara.org... they all end up there. :P It's not the best, just a basic POP3 account, but it works. If it was possible to get a high-speed net connection here, I'd definately be doing my own mail, but sadly, it's just not possible. :P

er Nice not nite

Welcome. :)