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Summer caled me last week or so on the phone, it was cool, we talked for like 2.5 hours. :) I hope your phone bill isn't huge! :| Been talking to Cyndi a lot lately on AIM and IRC too. Not so much other people lately for one reason or another, mostly I've just been down and out. I'm still sick right now, headache added to it now. Bleh, no fun. I played two half-games of Monopoly on games.com last night with Chenin's sister Keri. The first game, I was kicking butt but it locked up, telling us both it was the other person's turn and neither of us could go, so we had to quit. :P The second game I was kicking arse again (I get doubles a lot, land on free parking a lot, land directly on go and get a bonus $200 alot, etc, I had light blue, orange, and dark blue monopolies with houses. :P) when we decided to quit. :P This was like at 4:30AM I think so I should have been in bed a long time ago but I had installed Java last week or so just so I could play, so I wanted to play at least once. :P I guess I'm supposed to play tonight too, Keri says her boyfriend Brian is actually a challenge so maybe I'll play against him. :D

This weekend. Went to our high school's homecoming game on Friday night. Went to the a band event on Saturday. We went to Michigan State U. and played in the stadium. T'was cool indeed. Watched a bunch of other loser bands. Big bands who don't even memorize their music, stand in place and do no marching at all for entire songs, and who top of their show with their own fight song. What kind of a show is that? We were disappointed. :P I recorded our entire performance on my laptop in 768Kbps NTSC broadband format... 69 megs total. I was way up int he bleachers though so it's kinda of fuzzy, my poor webcam. I carried the podium down the the field, and the drum cart with 4 drums on it off the field at the end. My god, my arms were killing me. :P After everyone changed, we got our hands marked so we could get back in. They just made a mark with a sharpee marker. I could have let anyone I wanted in for free. :P So anyway, I got in for free like I always do at these things even though I'm not in band or anything. I ride the bus for fun too. :P So watched the other bands, killed time between 10AM when we got done, and 12:30 when these special color guard and percussion clinics started withthe MSU people. The band director, Mr. Funk asked us if we wanted to go on the field, so were like, "Sure." So a bunch of us were laying on the giant "S" in the center of the field enjoying the sun since we're not color guard or percussion during the clinics. I gave some of the guys a CD to fling around like a frisbee. :P So anyway, after a while, Mrs. Funk comes out there and yells at usabout being "mortified" by our behavior. We were all blown away, we weren't like dancing nude or anything, we were laying there being good, quiet, etc and only on the field at all because Mr. Funk asked us if we wanted to. So anyway, we broke off to the clinics in either end zone. I think we all ended up at the percussion just because it was cooler. And then we went home!

I burned 20 CD's Saturday night, copying Karl's CD's that he let me borrow so I could. :P It took forever. My head cold started Saturday night. Then Sunday we cleaned house, or were supposed to. I got part of my room cleaned/picked up. I need to do more. Throughout the weekend I ate a lotof balogna sandwich spread, and apple cider. Mmm to both. :P

I think I'll wrap this up, it's quarter to 4, when I have to get offline. And I should take a shower, eat, and read some Dev. Psych. before class.

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