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So nerve.com has personals and had a for long while. They used to be free even! But anyway, now that it's not free and you have to pay to do any original communication between members basically, they monitor profiles for email addresses and links and such. I used to get around this by using words for everything such as "Email me at medlir at mindless dot com" but they caught on and started filtering that out too. I'm not sure if they do it manually or not because they caught several variations on it earlier this week. So anyway, I finally resorted to "You can find me easily by doing a search at Google for Medlir. :P" which they haven't removed yet, or maybe just haven't found yet. Despite that, I had one paid user send me an actual letter and give me her phone number, so I'm going to try to call her later this week. *And* another person who was smart and motivated enough to look me up on Google I guess, because I got an email. :P I guess I'll reply to the email right now. :)

Addendum: I forgot to add this. After two days of trying to find a creative way to sneak in my email addy, I had heard nothing from them, just had it removed. So this afternoon, after they've removed an email a ddy 3-4 times, but now left in the Google search tip, I finally get an email from Nerve...

Dear Nerve Center member,

Your personal ad contained an email or url which is a violation of the Terms of Service http://www.nerve.com/accounts/tos.asp that you agreed to when you registered. We've removed the link(s) and kindly ask that you refrain from posting this information again on your ad. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Nerve Customer Service

hehe, oops. :P

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