Ouch, it hurts. It stings bad, really bad. 1:4 odds weren't good to begin with. Never should have bothered taking a risk. Too late now. It hurts and won't stop.

Self destructive behavior is stupid and dangerous, but always seems like a good idea at the time.

"Life is pain, your highness."

Okay, depression, rage, rational thought and acceptance, and back to anger. I feel so damn stifled right now. My eyes keep bugging out too. [...]

"And you just don't get it..."


Realization... losing hopes/wishes is a lot harder than forgetting doubts/fears.

During my rage period, which may not really be over, I made some use of my broadsword to put a goodly dent in a 486 case that had the bad luck to be nearby. I almost took a mighty swing at my steel shelves so i could watch them buckle and get bent to hell, but then I stopped. I'd rather hack up things I don't care about. Hmm.

*big hugs*

Thanky. :) It's old though, any idea what about? :P

you have a broadsword?


did it cost alot?

Nope, it's pressed (Thanky Cyndi for pointing out the diff. :P), so it was cheap. $144 CAD/$100 USD.

Bought from... http://www.blacksword.com/2-handed_swords.htm ... at the Ontario Renaissance Festival. ABout halfway down the page... A. GREAT SWORD -- $119 (GI-AH3248) Brass quillions & pommel, Carbon steel blade. Length 46" Blade 39" Retail: $140

Nice still
to bad its way to much for me
but still... i wouldn't mind one someday....

nite though

If you want nice and expensive... :P

In the UK... http://www.castlekeep.co.uk/

Some others...


Again, thank you to Cyndi for the fine links to swords I can't buy right now. :P But there ya go, hand-forged swords, made just for you. :P

Nice :)

I was thinking someday of getting a broadsword... or something nerdier... like ff7's big giant one...

I wonder if anyone makes a full-size replica of it. :P

the guy from reallifecomics.com has one


haha, that's hilarious. :P When you first mentioned it, RLC was the first thing I thought of because they're drawn in several of the strips. I was debating linking to one of the strips that showed it. :P I hadno idea he actually owned them though. :P

I tend to read comic strips from start to finish
then click on links
I really really have to create a start page with links to all my comics soon
I end up missing them to easily...

I usually forget about them for months and then play catch up later on. :P Sinfest, UserFriendly, Reallifecomics, Megatokyo, Full COntact Origami (hasn't been updated since March :P), etc. :P

Cloud's sword? You can get it here. That site is so evil... Want so many things... cannot afford any...

Cool, thanks. :P And yeah, I'm broke so I can't get anything new right now either. :P

Anytime sweetie, anytime :-)


hehe :)

What the fuck are you talking about? :-P

Mwahaha! No one knows! I was reposting a couple old posts.

Cracked out Cracker ass Cracker

Yep, and I do it just for you Justin! :P

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