Rick (medlir) wrote,

iPod, iTunes, etc from #geeks on OpenProjects

[2001.] <MrSnazz> hehe,.. iPod... Rip. Mix. Burn. Format. Reinstall.
[2001.] <rob_> heheh
[2001.] <rob_> what actually happened
[2001.] <rob_> did someone haxor apple and edit itunes
[2001.] <rob_> or was it a major fuckup
[2001.] <MrSnazz> I'm betting its a major fuckup
[2001.] <velco> fuckup, IMHO. Apple has never produced decent software.
[2001.] <MrSnazz> they didn't put their path into quote marks
[2001.] <MrSnazz> they had: rm -rf $2Applications/iTunes.app 2
[2001.] <MrSnazz> instead of: rm -rf "$2Applications/iTunes.app" 2
[2001.] <MrSnazz> so, with certain drive namings, it would delete entire drives
[2001.] <MrSnazz> $2 is the drive name
[2001.] <rob_> haha
[2001.] <rob_> fuckup
[2001.] <MrSnazz> yup
[2001.] <rob_> probably a pissedoff coder
[2001.] <MrSnazz> he's dead now
[2001.] <velco> nod
[2001.] <rob_> !
[2001.] <rob_> wtf!
[2001.] <MrSnazz> beaten to death by the fifty mac zelots of southern california
[2001.] <rob_> haha
[2001.] <velco> or by Jobs himself
[2001.] <rob_> did he loose his job?
[2001.] <MrSnazz> I have no clue actually ;)
[2001.] <rob_> steve jobs < wozniak
[2001.] <rob_> or however its spelt
[2001.] <velco> "No job" - said Jobs
[2001.] <rob_> heh
[2001.] <KN2k> MrSnazz: fifty Mac zealots couldn't beat someone to death

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