Rick (medlir) wrote,

My Weekend: A Short Story by Medlir

Once upon a time, Medlir woke up late one Friday morning at the ripe hour of 6:25AM. He hurriedly packed his things, packed his car, and left his house around 7:26AM. He drove for a long 12 hours to arrive happily in Atlanta, Georgia at Blue's house...

We had chicken parmesan for dinner that Blue made herself along with spaghetti which was delicious, as soon as I got there basically. Then we went to The Highlander(2) to meet Rainer, but somehow managed to miss him (I didn't even know what he looked like to begin with. :P), so then we went to one of Blue's favorite places, TJ's. I got to meet her pool friends and her bartender friend Sharon. Caught the very end of their Friday night trivia game. And then we went back home. Got up late Saturday, talked online for a bit, went back to bed for a bit, got back up and went meet lil for lunch and a movie. We went to the Atlanta Bread Company for lunch, where I had a loaf of southwestern chicken soup, and a turkey sandwich. Blue had a loaf of the pasta fagioli, and lil had their veggie sandwich. lil threw a bean sprout at me! Then for dessert, I had the snicker's cheesecake, Blue had a chocolate eclair, and lil had some other kind of cheesecake I think. :) After that we went over to the Regal Cinema in the Mall of Georgia and since there wasn't a 1:15 showing of Last Castle, we saw Life As A House with Kevin Kline instead. It was really good actually, I even had a tear in my eye at times. After that we bade lil farewell, and ran back to the house briefly. We stopped at the store on the way home and got milk and rice pudding too. Then went to Taco Mac to meet some other friends for Wings. We started to wonder when no one showed up, and it turned out Blue's friend Rich was in a car accident, he talked to her on the phone for a bit... but he has a broken toe, collar bone, pelvis, etc. *winces* While she was on the phone I talked to some guy at the bar named David. He was having fun throwing things at the TV showing the UGA/Auburn game. He asked if I was an Auburn fan, and when I said neither and that I was from Michigan he promised not to throw anything at me. :P So Blue came back, told me about Rich and we ordered our wings since we were hungry and then talked for a while. After that we left to go to her friends David and Suzanne's house for David's 30th Birthday party. It was a blast. Lots of cool people there, they had Mountain Dew, and David has video games... as in 4 full pinball games (like Attack From Mars and Twilight Zone), 2 stand-up arcade machines (Robotron and Ms. Pacman), and a Taito arcade cabinet that you sit down at that can play tons of games with just the swapping of the game board which was easy. The screen in it was on a turn table so it could be turned to accommodate games that were top or side scrolling. Very awesome toys. :P I ate carrot sticks, drank my MD, talked to David a bunch and the games, consoles, and related things and he showed me a bunch of the cool games he had. I talked a few of the other guests too for a while about different things. Everyone was really nice which made it very comfortable to be there. :) After that we went back home as it was getting late. Sunday we got up late again, and made fried eggs on buns with melted provolone and sauteed mushrooms for breakfast. Ran to her work to feed the fishies, then went to Sam's and wandered around for a while... tried some chocolate truffles they were giving out samples of, and boy were they good (she commented, "better than sex"). :P I had the dark chocolate, and she had the milk chocolate. :) Found a cool futon sofa there too. Got a 24-pack of Dr. Pepper from down south for my Mom. The bottling plant for the South uses different water than up here and my mom likes it better from down south. :P When we were waiting in line to pay, I commented on the people in front of me buying lots of CD-R's and how I needed more too, and they commented on my DBZ shirt which led to a long discussion of DBZ shirts, episodes, characters, places to buy stuff, etc. :P It was pretty cool I thought. :P So we paid and left, and headed back towards home, stopping at the grocery store first. We went up and down aisle 4 looking for chapstick twice, and then asked where it was and was shown that we had passed it on aisle 4 twice. :P I was tickled mercilessly for taking things too literally, almost to the point of being sprawled in the aisle. :P Then back home again! We toured the back yard and the neighbor kids came by to do some preemptive work on cleaning it up. We played two games of pool and then had chicken stuffed with cheese and broccoli with a rice/pasta dish, and peas for dinner, and the rice pudding for dessert. Watched King of the Hill, Simpsons, etc. Then I think Monday morning I decided I could miss one class and stay till Tuesday, and she agreed though berated me for missing class (:D) and so Monday morning we got up late too. She ate her leftover mushrooms from Sunday morning, and I had Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice soup. Had more rice pudding, mmm. :) Then we played with laptops most of the afternoon, transferred a few things back and forth, got her to display on her TV (though not exactly how we wanted it to) so she can play DVD's on her TV. We bummed around, went to get the mail even though there was none, and had ravioli and english muffin garlic toast for dinner. Lots of good things to eat! I packed up everything Monday night and we watched Ally McBeal. And so Tuesday morning, slept in as late as we could, then got ready, said our goodbyes, and I started my long 12 hour drive back home. An hour after leaving I had made it a whole 15-20 miles away because of the traffic. :P I got two text messages on my phone throughout my drive to cheer me up, and I got the Battle Creek up here at 7:20 or so, an hour and 20 minutes late for my Ethics class, but still there. All I missed was some applied issues discussion and part of the movie on euthanasia. I watched the rest of the movie and wrote a video reaction, and then got the notes when we went over them the rest of the time, and then got to leave at 8:16PM, home around 9PM, ate some dinner (Mmm, chicken tenders.) talked to Mom and bro and Dad and then sis on the phone too. Lugged everything inside and unpacked partially. Got a phone call to make sure I got home okay. :) And then got online around 11:20PM!

And THAT, is the story of my weekend. :P
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