Rick (medlir) wrote,

Friends Update Post

Added and removed a few people...


mtffm, who I know from OpenProjects IRC among other places but I havn't asked our of curiosity yet why he suddenly added me now. :P photolover, who I know from WarpedNet IRC, #livejournal mostly. And also, danj, who I know from WarpedNet IRC and #livejournal. :)


acidictearz - Is using deadjournal instead.
bradfitz - Is using his other account.
ellie - Removed me, so no point.*
jennylee - Removed me, so no point.*
leanneh - sxc user, disappeared long ago.
lesliebeard - Removed me, so no point.*
pyrrha - sxc user, was random.
sarababe - caren's friend I think, talked to on Opennet, removed me.
serennig - Fellow #42'er on OPN, don't really know her. :)

I think I said it in the last friends update I did, but the "no point" thing means I assume if they remove me they don't read my LJ, and so don't need access to my friends-only posts. I read most journals by going to their lastn page anyway, not my friends page, so I can still follow their public posts once in a while that way anyway. :)
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