Rick (medlir) wrote,

State of the Medlir

Worked late tonight. Bought snacks from the newfound snack are in the lab. Well, new to me at least... mmm, cheap candy and chips. I spent most of the day on amazon.com,thinkgeek, and other sites looking for x-mas ideas for my list I posted earlier. I talked to Nelson off and on, and Ken off and on. Nick is gone with pneumonia. Dean cleaned his desk off! So I sat around all afternoon, started doing some work but never quite got to it. Filled out my timesheet that's usually not due until next Thursday but they wanted them today by noon for some reason. So after Dean and Nelson cut out around 4:17, I sat around more with no one else there. No reason to hurry home or go anywhere, so I might as well sit on the fat net connection and enjoy myself. :P Nelson will be going back to Latvia so he wished me happy Holidays before he left. Not sure when he'll be back again. Dean asked me to bring the burner in for him to use this weekend which I did, but then he left it there, so I left it int he office in case he wants to stop by and pick it up this weekend. I don't need it this weekend. Eventually, I drove the 40 minutes home... about the same number of stupid drivers as usual. Got here... bro had already left. He'll be in Florida for a band trip for the next week. Sis is around I guess, over at Russell's most likely. So I ate a salad, and some spaghetti with melted cheese and garlic toast, and came up here. Worked on a new command for Bawt and did a general once over cleanup of the code. Played a few trivia games, watched Spartacus, and 13th Warrior. Wrote down a bunch of my thoughts. Wrote a note to Cyndi for tomorrow, and here I am... 4:18AM. Sleep time.

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