Session Start (AIM - Medlir:Wayott): Mon Nov 05 13:50:21 2001
[2001.] Wayott: Hi Rick:
[2001.] Medlir: Hey
[2001.] Wayott: I need your Christmas list so get busy so I can go shopping.
[2001.] Wayott: Are you at work or school?
[2001.] Medlir: Work. When do you want it by?
[2001.] Wayott: today would be great but I know it isn't possible so I will give you a week.
[2001.] Wayott: I want to be nearly finished by Thanksgiving so it doesn't give you much time
[2001.] Medlir: I might be able to tonight then. :)
[2001.] Wayott: ok. Won't bother you any more at work. Just wanted you to know I needed a list. Talk to you another time
[2001.] Medlir: Okay, thank you. :) Want me to email it when I get done?
[2001.] Wayott: That would be great
[2001.] *** Wayott signed off at Mon Nov 05 13:54:24 2001.
Session Close (Wayott): Mon Nov 05 14:02:15 2001

Session Start (AIM - Medlir:Wayott): Tue Nov 13 23:41:23 2001
[2001.] Wayott: I am still waiting for your list and one for Nate too. I got one from Nicole and have already started with hers. I would sure like to hear from you boys before too long.
[2001.] *** Wayott signed off at Tue Nov 13 23:42:05 2001.
Session Close (Wayott): Tue Nov 13 23:43:29 2001

Session Start (AIM - Medlir:Wayott): Sun Nov 18 19:59:38 2001
[2001.] Wayott: Thank you for the list. If I can't find something from that list I should be shot. Wish me luck.
[2001.] *** Wayott signed off at Sun Nov 18 19:59:46 2001.

I think shooting your grandmother is a capital offense. :)

Hey, she said it, not me. :P

That cracks me up! I can't imagine my grandmother learning how to use the 'net well enough to do that!

She doesn't know all that much, but she's knows enough to use it, get online, browse web pages, and start up AIM. :P

i hope she finds what you sent her! toooo funny. would love to meet her!

I sent her the x-mas list I posted to my LJ too. Lots of things to choose from on it. :)