Rick (medlir) wrote,


So earlier I ate some honey roasted peanuts, and some honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces, and an apple cinnamon breakfast bar, and a bowl of yams with butter and brown sugar...

And then Iw as hungry again so I just made myself fettucine alfredo... except I didn't have cream, so I used milk... and I didn't have *real* parmesean cheese, so I used the pseudo stuff in the shaker. All said and done, it wasn't bad. A little rich maybe... a little less butter and cheese might have been better. But still, mmm. :P

I was told I should add the Sony MP3-CD Player to my x-mas list so I'll do that in a bit. Been playing Q2 all day just because. My friend Mike wants help and thinks he's stuck so I'm playing through on hard for the fun of it. :P Other than that, not much else, I think I'll take a bath. :P

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