So last night I was bored and so I took a little time and I made a simple little countdown timer in VB that sits in the systray. By default, it counts down to when Cyndi gets here in mid-December since that's what I wrote it for. :P It's supposed to be just an easier way to countdown the time without constantly loading the javascript counter page I made back before the first time I went down there to her house in Atlanta and adapted to this time. Loading that page in a browser and keeping it open is annoying though, so cue quick'n'dirty VB. It sits in the systray and updates the tooltip witht he countdown, only showing relevant info (when days reaches zero, it doesn;t show days, etc). Clicking on it brings up a simple form showing the countdown in 4 different ways, the same as the page, and has a config and exit button. Right now, it can be configged to up to 68 years in the future (Long variable... 2^31 seconds of differenence between now and then). If you give it bad config data, i.e. a bad date format, it will die a horrible death as there is no error checking yet. It will try to convert whatever you enter to a date though. :P Likewise, entering bad data for the update interval would be a bad idea too... i.e. anything larger than 32,768 seconds. :P It doesn't currently save any of the user configurable options, they're just in use as long as the app is open. Not sure if I want it to save to the registry or an ini file, or if it's pointless for something so simple. Right0click on the systray icon brings up the restore, config and exit options too. When it hits zero it will celebrate. :P If anyone wants to see it, it's right here. I'm sure the VB6 runtime files are needed which are over here at MS and are a meg in size... bleh. :P So far I have reports of it working fine on 98SE, ME, and two XP systems. But I also am told it hasn't worked at all on 98, ME, and 2K Server. And then a later compile stopped working on the 98SE, and then started again. :P I have no idea why either, so anyone who grabs it, if anyone, let me know if it runs or not for you and what version of WIndows you're using. :P

ummmmmm... shouldn't you be doing papers and such with all your free time =P


Class work? Feh. :P

finally! :D

*kicks ME*

Whoohoo! You can see my coding genius! :P

Up and running on NT4 workstation sp4. Counting down to my christmas holiday departure in fact. neat :)

Whoohoo again! Glad to hear it. I wonder if it works on other it didn't before witht he current changes I made. Think i should add config saving?

yeah, saving the config might be nice. that way it could be set to load on startup and appear in the systray already set to the right time, instead of having to reset it each time I reboot :)

were it me, I'd go with the INI file. I tend not to let VB poke at the registry unless I have to.

I'll probably do that this weekend. :P The only reason I like the registry better is that it's already there, and that's what it's for. It was supposed to replace the need for all ini files, and I kind of like the idea of not having any other files but the one executable. On the other hand, I think several of us talked about this in #42 in the past pertaining to mIRC... ini files full of settings are easier for the user to transfer somewhere else to other computers and such to use. I'm going to post a poll on LJ and see if anyone answers. :P