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So despite the results of my poll from last week, I didn't go with an ini file. Personal preference I guess, I don't want other files laying around. So for now, I just finished what I'm calling Version 1.1 and it's over here (53K) and a exe packed one here (25K). So changes made were... the saving and retrieving of settings to the registry. The right click menu had a "Copy" pad added to it to copy the current time left to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere. Error checking was added to the options dialog (text fields are 255 chars max, update can only be 0 to 30, using IsDate on the date before trying to stuff it in a variable, etc). On startup it checks to see if the year it pulls in is more than 68 years (close enough to 2^31 seconds) in the future, and if so will change itself to countdown to (2^31)-1 so you know what the farthest you can go is. If you try to enter a date more than 68 years in the future in the config screen it'll do the same and reset the text box to show you the max. Made sure all strings get converted with CStr() before they get used just in case. Using CDate(), CLng(), and Int() everywhere else just in case. The registry location VB's SetSetting and GetSetting methods seem to save to is... HKCU\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\<appname>\<section> Rigth now, I'm using an appname of "MedlirCD" which is short for oddly enough "Medlir's Countdown" :P CD could be misleading, but what the hell, unless I write a CD Player app, I think I'm safe. :P Right now, all options are dumping into a section called "Options", go figure. I think for multiple timers I'm going to make a little combobox that has 0-9 in it... and you can select the active timer in that fashion, and then each timer's settings would be in MedlirCD\Timer_X or something. I'm not really happy about the exact location of the options... I'd like to move them to a key of my choosing off Software instead of in that default location. For those that wanted an ini file... I think I'll make an export settings ability so you can have that file made full of the settings, and if it exists, it will use the settings int he file instead of the registry. So it becomes portable if you want it to, or so those that prefer that have it.

Todo... user configurable icons for celebration and tray icon, a reset ability after it hits zero and starts celebrating, or else keep the config options changable so you can start it for some other time without restarting, multiple timers, the export ability mentioned above and all that goes with it, maybe font changing for the text of the objects on the form? Other suggestions or ideas? :P

Addendum: The VB6 runtime files are here if anyone needs them.

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