Rick (medlir) wrote,

Some Confusion from #thepark on irc.warped.net

[2001.] <Blue> hi CiNi
[2001.] <Kosh> spam doesn't acknowledge the quack
[2001.] <Kosh> he's too snooty
[2001.] <spamgod> you class loving house mutant
[2001.] <Kosh> I don't live in a house
[2001.] <Kosh> I haven't had classes since college

[2001.] *** spamgod has changed the topic on channel #thepark to http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20011214/od/defecation_dc_1.html
[2001.] <CiNi> spam :)
[2001.] <CiNi> Hi Blue
[2001.] <Elecwnch> lovely
[2001.] <Kosh> I hope you're not feeling blue... because that's a violation of personal space
[2001.] *** Signoff: Elecwnch (If you cannot find the one you love in the real world, there are always dreams)
[2001.] * Blue squints at Kosh
[2001.] <Kosh> well?
[2001.] <Blue> I'm not blue at all :) it is just a pretty colour
[2001.] *** chalkie (mite4@ has joined channel #thepark
[2001.] <Kosh> Dover!
[2001.] <CiNi> Chalks :)
[2001.] <chalkie> kosh :)
[2001.] <chalkie> cins :)
[2001.] <Kosh> Make up your mind! You're either blue or you're not blue!
[2001.] <Kosh> Stop confusing us
[2001.] <Kosh> Now make ammends and acknowledge the all-mighty quack
[2001.] <Kosh> Quack!
[2001.] <chalkie> excreta
[2001.] <chalkie> only spam or skai would make that a topic
[2001.] <chalkie> i can't believe i put spam and skai in the same sentence
[2001.] <spamgod> yeah, i'm also not sure how to feel about that
[2001.] <Kosh> spai
[2001.] <Kosh> skam
[2001.] <Kosh> it's a spai skam
[2001.] *** Blue is now known as Medlir
[2001.] <Medlir> moo
[2001.] <chalkie> hey med :)
[2001.] <Kosh> Don't make you have to come over there and kick my ass!
[2001.] <Medlir> lo chalkie :)
[2001.] <Kosh> so is medlir blue?
[2001.] <Medlir> No, I'm quit happy.
[2001.] <Medlir> +e
[2001.] <Medlir> So is Blue.
[2001.] <Medlir> :P
[2001.] <Kosh> You can't be happy if you're blue
[2001.] <Medlir> No, she seems quite able to be happy despite being Blue.
[2001.] <chalkie> she?
[2001.] <Medlir> yes, Blue is a she... Medlir is a He
[2001.] <chalkie> who is she?
[2001.] <Medlir> She is Blue.
[2001.] <Kosh> If she's blue, she's not happy
[2001.] <chalkie> knew you were going to say that
[2001.] * Kosh gets all confused and stuff
[2001.] <Medlir> (Link: http://medlir.warped.com/cam.html)http://medlir.warped.com/cam.html
[2001.] <Medlir> Medlir = Left, Blue = Right
[2001.] * Kosh is confused
[2001.] <Medlir> There, look now.
[2001.] <chalkie> tis dark
[2001.] <chalkie> but ..
[2001.] * chalkie waves to blue :)
[2001.] <Kosh> blue waves are but the ocean
[2001.] * Medlir waves to chalkie, as does Blue. :P
[2001.] <Kosh> Stop pointing and laughing at me!
[2001.] * Medlir points...
[2001.] * chalkie would comment on blue being adorable, but blue would probably blush, but then again it's so dark in the room, med wouldn't see it
[2001.] <Kosh> chalkie: How would you see blush in greyscale anyways?
[2001.] <Medlir> It's not really that dark here. :P
[2001.] <Kosh> sitting together by the soft glow of the LCD... how romantic
[2001.] <chalkie> ok, don't you feel spooky now that kosh is watching you two?
[2001.] <Medlir> And a Lion King lamp DAMNIT!
[2001.] <Medlir> chalkie: <Blue> No, isn't that the point of the cam?
[2001.] <chalkie> blue: um, yeah, but it's kosh!
[2001.] * Medlir feels dirty now.
[2001.] <chalkie> lol
[2001.] <Medlir> It's Kosh after all!
[2001.] <Kosh> YOU feel dirty
[2001.] <Kosh> ?
[2001.] <Kosh> Try being on this end
[2001.] <Medlir> Have we traumatized poor sensitive Kosh? :|
[2001.] <Kosh> Are you two just sitting there, hanging on my every word?
[2001.] <Medlir> Of course.
[2001.] * Kosh feels intense pressure
[2001.] <Kosh> BRB - nature calls
[2001.] <Medlir> No pressure!
[2001.] <CiNi> So Med, Blue, is this your first date? the cam thing and all ;) hehe *grin* love to you both :)
[2001.] <Kosh> Damn! It was a collect call
[2001.] * CiNi waves to Blue and Med for attention! :)
[2001.] <Kosh> (and chalkie was worried about ME creeping them out?)
[2001.] <chalkie> lol
[2001.] <CiNi> hey now, we got back a long time now!
[2001.] <Sasami> Well, it could be worse... We could be urging them on to make an amateur pr0n thing on cam. :P
[2001.] * Medlir waves back.
[2001.] <Sasami> *That* would creep them out.
[2001.] <Kosh> That would creep me out
[2001.] <Medlir> <Blue> Eh, no it wouldn't.
[2001.] <chalkie> sasami :)
[2001.] <Sasami> That would creep me out... But I'm not looking.
[2001.] * Sasami *hugs* chalkie. Good evening. :)
[2001.] <chalkie> *hugs* evening :)
[2001.] <CiNi> Sas :)
[2001.] <Sasami> CiNi. :)
[2001.] <Sasami> Want a hug or just a smile? :)
[2001.] <CiNi> ooooo do i get a hug tonight?
[2001.] <Sasami> If you want one.
[2001.] * CiNi takes a hug!
[2001.] <CiNi> :)
[2001.] * Sasami *hugs* CiNi then. :)
[2001.] <ethos> moo
[2001.] <Kosh> mythos
[2001.] <Kosh> The world is breathing a sigh of relief after realizing I don't have a webcam
[2001.] <chalkie> ethos :)
[2001.] <chalkie> kosh: some day ;)
[2001.] <elwood> cows!
[2001.] <Kosh> chalkie: You want the world to end so soon?
[2001.] <Kosh> El Wood
[2001.] <chalkie> bah
[2001.] <elwood> hey hey
[2001.] <chalkie> you can't scare me
[2001.] <chalkie> much
[2001.] <elwood> ok
[2001.] * elwood is in toronto
[2001.] <chalkie> elwood :)
[2001.] <Kosh> Someone once told me to trust my gut... but it's not so much a matter of trust as fear, because it's so much bigger than I am
[2001.] <chalkie> med's on a date!
[2001.] <chalkie> kosh: bet i win ;)
[2001.] <Medlir> erm
[2001.] <chalkie> med's not on a date
[2001.] <chalkie> !
[2001.] <Medlir> haha
[2001.] <Kosh> medlir is just medling again
[2001.] <elwood> cows
[2001.] <elwood> bbl
[2001.] <ethos> moo
[2001.] <Medlir> I try.
[2001.] <Medlir> moof
[2001.] <Kosh> quack
[2001.] * Medlir waves goodnight. :P
[2001.] <Kosh> day
[2001.] <chalkie> nite med
[2001.] <chalkie> night blue :)
[2001.] <chalkie> nice to meet you
[2001.] <Kosh> blue night?
[2001.] <Medlir> <Blue> If he's lucky.
[2001.] <chalkie> LOL
[2001.] <Kosh> Well, good thing we didn't see a blue moon
[2001.] <chalkie> see! it was a date!
[2001.] * Sasami is doing something he never thought he'd do.
[2001.] <Kosh> Sasami: I don't think I want to know
[2001.] <CiNi> i do
[2001.] <CiNi> heh
[2001.] <Sasami> I'm picking out CDs to sell to a used CD store.
[2001.] <Kosh> Sasami: Ewww! That's disgusting!
[2001.] <spamgod> picking them out of where?
[2001.] <chalkie> spam :)
[2001.] <Sasami> Picking them off of my CD case.
[2001.] <Sasami> Rack/shelf/thing.
[2001.] <Medlir> chalkie: g'night... thisisn't a date btw :) I'm here for 6 dates ;-) hehehehehe (Blue)
[2001.] <chalkie> wheeeeeeeeeeee
[2001.] <chalkie> :)
[2001.] <Kosh> chalkie: Um, do that in the bathroom, please
[2001.] <ethos> meep.
[2001.] * Kosh explodes
[2001.] * CiNi hacks up a hairball or so it seems
[2001.] <Kosh> laters
[2001.] *** Signoff: Kosh (San Andreas Fault: San Francisco dumped)

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