When visiting hell, what's first and foremost on your mind? Do you think, "I should get out of here." Or do you think about helping someone else who isn't visiting and is trapped? After all, you'll make it out in the same amount of time either way whereas they might not. On top of or despite what you *think* you'd do, which do you think you *should* do? Hmm.

That was kind of the idea. I don't think a lot of people *do* think about it at all (not that exact case, but the idea behind it). I'm sad no one else replied. :P Although it was supposed to be a post for thought, not response, I was kind of hoping to see people's thoughts on it. Oh well, I just hope more people thought about it than commented. :P

I guess I would help anyone who seemed reformed. =p

This was a metaphorical hell, not the Christian Hell, so not everyone there is there because they actually did anything "wrong", it could just be circumstance, random (un)luck of the draw, etc. So some might not even have anything to reform.

::chuckle:: I was assuming it was metaphorical hell. If it were the Christian hell, I would have helped anyone who seemed like they got shafted because they were nice guys who just didn't happen to believe in Jesus. =p


personally, i find the thought of "visiting" hell to be rather surreal..whether referring to a mental/emotional hell or a literal hell. i mean, how many of us just wake up one day and say to ourselves "i think today would be a fine day to make myself perfectly miserable and mire myself in self-pity. :)"?

Not all visits to places are willing visits. ;) A lot of people dislike visiting relatives, but are dragged off to do it anyway by other people, or for a good reason even thought it's "hell" for them. :P