Just some pictures I took today around the cottage/lake.

screw you.. i wanted snow

Nice timing. :)

Updated with a few more pictures. :)

oh now your just being mean
we've always had snow until we moved accross canada..
now we get some usually.. (like a 30 min snowfall a few days before/after christmas)
but this year.. it was like 3 weeks ago.. maybe 4
and that was it

We've had a really screwy winter. Like I said, no snow stuck until Christmas Eve. And it only snowed one other time way back in like early October. :P


You have snow. Lucky lucky. :)

It snowed on Christmas Eve basically and we've had it since. :P More pictures!

mail snow here

its 40 degrees

lo keelion :) I could try. :P I like the snow in some ways, but I could do without the 16°F that feels Like: 2°F with wind chill. :P

Wow, that's simply beautiful. =) I like the ice bubbles in the last picture...at least, I'm assuming that's what they are. I used to lie on my stomach on the ice when everyone else was ice fishing, and admire all the patterns and intricacies in the bubbles and the ice.

Thanks Rhonda :) The first is actually our house, not the cottage. The last is actually just snow. The moon is one of the tiny dots near the center, the others are blowing snowflakes that flew by and got caught by the flash. :)

Hehehe....fooled me with that one! =) DorkGirl for a reason, you know!

*grin* :D

I want snow to play in :(
We had like... an inch before. Then it melted. Bah.

And because I'm in Canada they all think I drive a dogsled to school and live in an igloo. PFFT

LOL no;)

*pokes Rachel*

I second Rachel's comment, you don't? :P I thought everyone in Canada was an eskimo and lives in igloos. And I really wonder how they expect to catch speeders on the highway if they're chasing them on horses. And don't they all say "eh?" after every sentence too?



All of the above is indeed false.

Those in the western provinces mainly scorn those who use "eh", and those in the east actually do use "eh". I'm from the west ;)

Vancouver also rarely gets snow, and when we do, it rarely sticks.

And the horses are pretty much just for show, and for enforcing the peace in giant crowds of tightly packed people in the streets after events. They usually use cars ;)

I thought so too. :) Thanky Rachel :)