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A lot (most?) of my best memories from the last 5-6 years are of meeting and talking to people online, and oftentimes later meeting them in person. I met and talked to Ashley on AOL (back in the day when we used AOL) in 1995 and then went to Austin, TX during spring break of 1996 and spent a day with her and her mom. It was cool, we saw all the old missions, spent time in San Antonio, the Alamo, the riverwalk... had a blast.

I met Nikki on AOL in 1996, we had gotten rid of AOL sometime in there, but I looked up a ton of profiles of cool people before that, and we started emailing. Ah yes, the Possum Goddess. :P Her profile said she collected dirt, I asked her if she meant that literally. Later I happily got a ziplock back of dirt from Dawsonville, GA in the mail. :P I still have it! Nikki (Possum on IRC) is who introduced me to IRC in January of '97. By that time we had gotten rid of AOL due to a $400 bill one month, but we had been one of the first peopel to test and use the June service for free email, and sis, bro, and I went down to the college library after school every day to use the computers in the computer lab. #Enchanted_Land on irc.mit.edu (irc.warped.net, still my home on IRC) was where she took me, and I met tons of cool people, Momma Shay, RedDragon, the bot Seether. I branched off to #hello, which Xavier, awe88 and I later converted to #chatzone. I branched off to #indigo which died and kind of became #thepark. I branched off into #friendly, and when the majority of the people left, I'm still there. I went down to Atlanta/Dawsonville, GA over Labor Day of 1997 to meet and spend the weekend with Nikki. We bombed around in her 300ZX with the t-tops out, and had a blast.

In late 1997, early 1998 sometime there was a channel called #breakerhigh on Warped. Vyvyan ran it, and the stars of the TV show Breaker High actually used it from time to time, it was the official channel for the TV show. Eventually, it too died, but not before I met a ton of people from there. Later they ended up moving to #chatzone... phat, Amy, Holly, and more. I convinced Amy to come over there with us even though she didn't know anyone else, and she ended up liking it and staying for a long while. Amy and I used to talk until all hours of the night until we made a pact to both go to bed at least by 1:30 every weekday night as getting up at 7AM was getting tough when since my introduction to IRC I had been staying up until 5:30AM almost every night. We talked on ICQ too, and in the summer of 1998, Amy and two of her friends from Guelph, Ontario were driving down to Cedar Point in Ohio because they love amusement parks, we made plans, and I met them there and spent the day riding rides with them, had a blast of course. :P

#amiga, the oldest channel and reason for WarpedNet's existence always seemed like a hostile place for a lot of general chatters but sometime in the past I started idling there, occaisionally talking, etc. Yes, 13 or so entire country TLD's were banned, the bawt kickbanned people for just about everything, a lot of people might kickban you for fun, and it was supposed to be for Amiga computer users, but mostly it was just tech people, and not always even that. After a year or two, I found out another channel member only lived like 30 minutes away, and so I ended up meeting Lloyd (MrElcee) at the computer show in Lansing a few times.

I've gone to Milton and Mississauga, Ontario in August of 1999, 2000, and 2001 to meet people from the MUD I play online. I started playing in mid-1997 I think, maybe even mid-1996 or earlier. The one thing I know for sure is that I got my level 20 quest in December of 1997. I don't play as much these days, barely at all, but I still love the reunion... a weekend at the renaissance festival, sitting around talking at the Fox&Fiddle, last year we did a BBQ at a park, swimming in the lake there, paintballing, had a spaghetti dinner and hung out at one of the locals apartment, and more. get to meet and see tons of people from the game, around 70 I think.

In mid to late 2000 I think, Allison (mouse) was introduced to IRC on WarpedNet, and although we didn't talk very much at first, we ended up talking a lot between then and early December when she flew here for a weekend. It was cool, we talked a lot, wandered around up north at the cottage, watched movies and more.

In September of 2001 I went to Holly, MI to meet John (tontumani) from soulxchange and spend the day wandering the Michigan Renaissance festival with him. Last month I also met Liz (nekocutie) from soulxchange and we went to the University of Michigan's Anime Club's monthly screenings to watch a load of anime, and then more at her house, and I ended up crashing there too for the night. When LotR came out, I went to Portage, MI to meet Liz again and Charley (Brodie) from soulxchange too to get some food and see the movie.

And in the last couple months, I've gone down to Atlanta to spend time with Cyndi (Blue) several times, and she came up here for 5 days in the middle of last month... the details of all those visits being more recent here in my journal. :) During one of those visits, I also met Bill (Cryo), Lilliane (lil), and Jess (fade) who run warped.com and warped.net and live in the Atlanta area. During another, I also saw, but didn't meet Neil (Rainer) from WarpedNet. :P

I don't think I've left anyone out, but it's possible I have, if it's you, let me know. :P These are the people I've known online for years in some cases, and who've made their way in one way or another into my physical life to be metface to face. It's actually not a lot, and could be more if I was more ambitious and liberal with my gas money, but they're the ones that have happened and added to my history and lifefor the last several years. All in all, I'm happy for every single visit, and there's more to come. :)

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