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Disturbed - Stupify



Yeah, bringing you another disturbing creation
from the mind of one sick animal who can't tell the difference
and gets stupified

I've been waiting my whole life for just one fuck
And all I needed was just one fuck
How can you say that you don't give a fuck
I find myself stupified, coming back again
All I wanted was just one fuck
One tiny little innocent fuck
And when I feel like I'm shit out of luck
I find my stupified, coming back again

why, do you like playing around with
My, narrow scope of reality
I, can feel it all start slipping
I think I'm breaking down

See but I don't get it
Don't you think maybe we could put it on credit
Don't you think it can take control when I don't let it
I get stupified
It's all the same you say
Live with it

All the people in the left wing rock
And all the people in the right wing rock
And all the people in the underground rock
I find myself stupified, coming back again
All the people in the high rise rock
And all the people in the projects rock
And all la hente in the bario rock
I and myself stupified, coming back again

(If all fails)

And don't deny me
No baby now, don't deny me
And darlin' don't be afraid

Look in my face, stare in my soul
I begin to stupify

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