Rick (medlir) wrote,

Things I did today...

  • Stayed up all night.
  • Went to Post Office... Closed.
  • Returned Antitrust to Video Place
  • Went to Meijer's to use their Postal Facilities
  • Bought padded envelopes
  • Mailed stuff
  • Bought aromatherapy candles, 2 pink "sensual", 2 green "stress reliever"
  • Bought Special Edition Buckaroo Banzai on DVD
  • Bought Mom and Dad an anniversary card
  • Bought 2 pairs of Wrangler boxers, one black, one black/grey
  • Got an oil change, High mileage semi-synthetic 10W30
  • Went to Wal-Mart
  • Bought 6 bottles SoBe Lizard Blizzard
  • Bought 4 cans Redi-Wip, 2 chocolate, 2 extra creamy
  • Bought book "Time Tactics of Very Successful People"
  • Bought STP Fuel System Cleaner for my car
  • Made my car happy
  • Stocked little fridge in room
  • Cleaned house
  • Going to get parents soon

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