Rick (medlir) wrote,

And it continues...

Can't sleep, keep waking up every 2 hour or so for no reason. I had startedtyping this earlier, thought Imightas well finish it now.

Valentine's Day was fun... got a card from my grandparents, a hostess cupcake, and an e-card from Blue. Whee.

There's an anime screening tomorrow night... thinking of going. Liz says she'll be busy though I guess so can't go with her this time. On the upside, if I do go, my friend Sara who I went to the Math/Science Center with, who I go rollerblading with, and who's been missing for some time, appeared last night. :) Just out of the blue, middle of the night, so I talked to her for a while... she invited me over to her apartment tomorrow since she's at UofM too, so if I go to the screening, I get to hang out with her too. :) Need to email her later today about it.

Went to the store yesterday and got myself the Director's Cut of Army of Darkness, and Antitrust on DVD... saw Spartacus, 13th Warrior, and a few others I would like to snag soon. :| Went to the store today and got System of a Down - Toxicity finally... figured my burned copy has gotten enough playtime in the last few months that the real CD deserved to be bought. I also bought Jimmy Eat World's album "Bleed American" (though the name has been changed because of Sept 11th) for Kira because she's cool and is sending me The Avalanches album. :)

A hilarious part of my day, hooray for typos!
[2002.] <illid> you cock man

Meanwhile, a RegQueryValueEx api call in my little programs is being a bitch and spitting back non-successes... the little bitch. :P I was working on figuringout why forever earlier today... never did and then got sidetracked. I want to have all of thesedone and packaged up so I can give them to Dean Tuesday.

No work Monday! President's Day... I love being a gov't employee.

Bleh, 6AM, I'm hungry. Need to email Sara.

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