The situation...

Win98se system... Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+ ISA NIC... TCP/IP bound to the NIC, set up to use DHCP. It gets an IP, I can ping the gateway on the network, other computers on the network, and even internet servers like and I get ping responses to all of them. I have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled and can browse the network fine from that computer, and browse that computer from others. I can transfer files to and from it that way. NET DIAG over NetBIOS says it's fine.

The Problem: Can't open a TCP port *anything*. Though it can ping anywhere, and resolve names fine... it can't open ports to anywhere. I can't load pages from any of the hosts I can ping. I can't load pages off apache on my NetBSD box on the intranet. I can't telnet to my NetBSD box. Nothing.

Ping fine, connect not at all. NetBIOS over TCP fine, plain TCP not.

Does *anyone* have any idea why this is? What causes it? How it can be fixed? Anything that could help? :P I really have no earthly idea.


Have you tried things beyond opening web pages? Can you use FTP.EXE to connect to a FTP server, or some other similar non-web browser activity?

Like I said, I tried telnet and got nothing. Just tried ftp just in case and it helpfully says:

> ftp: socket:10047

So same thing.

WSAEAFNOSUPPORT (10047) Address family not supported by protocol family.

Normally what this means is that the socket being opened is being attempted with a protocol that doesn't support the function, or in short, trying to do TCP stuff when TCP isn't correctly installed. NetBEUI does the network browsing, and ICMP is a function of the IP layer and therefore will work if TCP isn't. (It's a UDP datagram signal.)

I've seen this issue come up before, and normally people just wipe the system out and reinstall, cause, y'know, killing an ant with a sledgehammer is so preferable. :P This is going to be a shot in the dark probably, but try uninstalling TCP/IP completely and reinstalling those drivers again. This might repair the offending driver. Let me know.

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Bleh, I buckled down and did a complete clean install tonight. The damn thing works now. :P