Rick (medlir) wrote,


Well, kind of. I've scored a bunch of "junk". The schools were selling a bunch of their old computers earlier this week, but I guess they didn't seel very many even for only $10, so they started giving them away free today. Bro and his friend Keith and Wes came home (half-day) banging things around and making tons of noise and woke me up... they had grabbed a bunch of old Dell's and IBM's, and a few Compaq's with the built-in monitors. So since I was awake, I went back down there with them and grabbed a bunch more. The IBM's are P75's with 16M, and 518M or larger HDD. The Dell's I'm not sure of except they don't have any RAM, not sure of the Compaq's either. They're not awesome or anything, but there's lots of them, and can be scrapped for parts or whatever else (whoo, no more lack of useable PSUs). So I have 8 of the IBM's myself and 2 of the Compaq's, bro has one of the Compaq's, 6 or so IBM's, and 2 Dell's I think. Keith has 6 IBM's, 2 Dell's, and 2 Compaq's, not sure what Wes grabbed. We also snagged some loose hard drives, and lots of power cables. There's still piles of them down there, so if they're still there tonight after the basketball game, we're going to grab more. Turn them into terminals, browsing stations, etc. WHHHEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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