Sudden splitting headache just now at 1:19... for no reason, just a spike in the area of my right temple.

snuggle up in bed, close your eyes, put a pretty picture in your imagination and picture someone beautiful holding you until the headache stops

if you fall asleep it may encite some nice dreams as well

or you could do like a lot of people and take headache meds

I did go to bed eventually, couldn't get comfortable though. Fell asleep watching Gladiator. Hard to think of pretty pictures and the rest right now. Weird dreams for the second night in a row. And I avoid medicines whenever possible... especially for headaches. :|

gladiator would make for soem weird dreams. mine are on and off lately, last night's weirdness was one of those dreams that's full of anger, the phone rang and jerked me out of sleep right as i was feeling so frustrated i wanted to scream. i would almost rather have scary dreams than the ones that are full of rage.

enuf about me...glad you went to sleep eventually. i'll look into finding a cheap way to send some cutie your way so your bed will be more cuddly ;) teehee

I wish I had someone to cuddle with though. :)