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A lot of random stuff lately. At work, I have my little programs all done basically. I got them done, and then Dean asked to add an about dialog with my name and picture and such, so when I added that, I cleaned up the rest of the code, and fixed a few things, added a bunch of error checking, etc. Now I just need to actually compile all 24 little programs again, and then figure out some kind of installer system. I can't go to work until thursday and friday this week either. They want me to answer phonesboth days... and since I can only work 15 hours a week, that's 7.5 hours each day... my entire work week will be sitting there answering the occaisional phone call.

On the other hand, my friend Mike (sister's friend Laura's brother) who's up at Northern Michigan University is on his spring break like Nicole (cool too) so he's going to c ome down here I guess tomorrow or Wednesday to mess with his sister's computer and visit. Like I said, sis is on spring break too... her, bro, and I played a game of AoE2:TC last night and this afternoon... after I finish this, I'll upload the achievements screenshots to here.

My mom... she told bro not to play last night because he had school today (the game ran from 11:10PM till about 3:20AM) but he did anyway on my desktop, me on my laptop, sis on her computer in her room. So then this morning, she wakes me up, thumps me on the head repeatedly, tugs on my hair, and numerous other things, and blames me for making my chair creek and making noise, when I was sitting on my waterbed the whole time. I held out for a bit not wanting to get bro in any trouble (We just wantedto play a game assiblings, sheesh!) but the hair tugging and repeated thumping was too much, I blew up, started yelling, told her it wasn't even me, etc, etc. Ended up wide awake, so I made breakfast and then went back to bed after that. I was really annoyed.

So I went back to bed. Nicole woke me up around 2PM so I could go pick up bro at school. Bro and I have been playing a lot of Realms of Despair lately. It's the MUD we've been playing for 4-5 years now. Been making a ton of gold to buy better equipment. The most gold I've ever had at once was maybe 200-300 million or so, so the fact I spent 123 million last week on two really nice rings was a fairly big event. And then last night, one of my guild members (Guild of Rangers) quit the game and was giving away his eq, and he gave me an awesome breastplate worth about 150-200 million (the same kind I had spent the 200 million on two years ago and then lost to a deathtrap like a week later), and some about body wear worth between 70-100 million. It was huge and awesome to have that much stuff fumped on me. I was working to raise the money to buy both, but it would have taken me forever... I've made like 37 million since last week when I bought the rings, I couldn't imagine how long it would take to get to 220-300M. But on the other hand, I have a 200M goal for a certain better weapon now. What's sad is how long I've been playing but how little I really do... I have 6672 hours of connected time... that's 278 days. And there's people with multiple av (level 50) characters, armies, houses, out of game and super expensive eq... people who's hit the 2 billion (2^31) gold limit multiple times over, etc... and poor me, I suck. :P But it's fun... can just chat with people, can actually play, can role-play, etc. Thank you Jaryl for the equipment!

Dreams... some really strange ones. One last week had to do with me and another guy... we were like commandos on a giant rendered-looking map. There were like five strongholds on the map, maybe they were kingdoms, who knows. We were in the Wilds between them, killing off random people... I climbed this hill and was peering at one of the strongholds and almost set off a defense alarm of some kind. I worked my way back but ended up setting it off anyway. We ran like hell and came tot his huge chasm... it was only maybe 20 feet across, but probably several hundred deep. We jumped... there was a river at the bottom and everything was really crystalline and metallic looking. I lost the other guy, and the river split kind of... the right branch went through some thin pillars, like the river had eaten through the rock, so I broke through them and went down that way. It came out in this huge underground valley that was maybe a quarter to half a mile long, and about half as wide. It was oval shaped, and the entire center was a body of water. It got even more crazier then as things took on a Willy Wonka twist. There was a river of like apple pie... apple filling underneath a wavof golden brown pastry. :D I took a bite out of the moving flow. :P Seems like there was other stuff too. But I ended up grabbing these water ski-shaped things and flying around the body of water which was edible and not very deep. In the center was some little girl who's name was Emma but who I think people called Emmy as a nickname. She wanted me to help someone with something, but I don't remember what now, and the dream ended shortly after.

The night after that, my dream had to do with being a spy or agent of some sort. Was raiding some building, involved lots of guns. At one point,someone shot some barrels of the ever-present mysterious explosive matter from action movies and lots of stuff exploded. I remember there was something important that happened at the end of the dream, but not what now. I had another the night after that I think, but it's disappeared now.

Last night... I don't remember all of it. But I was biking and driving all over some town. And at one point, was talking to some girl at a Speedway gas station about a ton of stuff, and this like "gang" of bikers (bycyclists!) all rode in. Some had these huge-ass off-road tires that were like small trailer tires on a custom bike. It was some girl with short hair on that bike but I didn't notice any of the others. They left eventually, and a little later so did I. I went to some giant museum type place and for some reason didn't lock up my bike (It was my bike that got stolen back in Sept.) and went in. Came back out later, and as soon as I walked out the door, I didn't see it. But I did see the bikes of the people from earlier. So I started searching around, and the yard of this place had like concrete steppes for landscaping purposes, and I wasclimbing up and down them, when they caught me, they roughed me up a little, and threw me down into this 15 foot deep concrete hole... I think it was part of a driveway that went under the building, but from up in the yard, it was a hard fall. At one point I remember being afraid of being stuffed in someone's car trunk. I remember getting roughed up some more. And even at the time I wondered... why am I not fighting back or even defending myself? I couldn't and still don't understand now. It's not like they had weapons or anything but I just let it happen. Eventually, they even gave me my bike back. It was raining at this point... a heavy down pour and I was soaked. They had my bike under an umbrella by the open door of some reall expensive black cadillac or something. For some reason I needed keys for it though, maybe the lock... and they played keep away with those but I wasn't really trying to get them back. Then some girl came out of a restaurant and said something really important, and we all stopped what we were doing and took off. I ended up at another speedway just down the road from the first talking to some other black-haired girl. And I eventually woke up.

Two weeks ago when I went to Ann Arbor to hang out with Sara and gotthe Anime screening, I sent Sara an email when I got back... nad I guess she got it minuteslater but decided she'd reply the next day... then between mid-terms and then spring break last week she forgot... I sent her another asking what was up on Saturday. She apologized and such. Of course,we've had some really long lapses in email over the years anyway. :P I need to reply back to her though, maybe after this.

Gifts... Kira is so cool! She mailed me a copy of the The Avalanches CD straight from Oz. :) I got it the other day... I realized when I listened to it, I had heard the title track before and like it. I also find I like the track "Radio" a lot also, and actually the rest aren't bad either. Thanks Kira! :)

Other computer news... been playing with the computers I got from the school district. Bro has a Dell P120 with 32M set up to MUD with and occaisionally play mp3's from over on his side of the room. Tony came over twice and we loaded up two of his computers with win98se. I gave up trying to get windows on the crappy Compaq's and instead did a ftp install of NetBSD 1.5.2 on one of them which worked great... mmm, MUDing terminal. :D They work nice as terminals basically. All-in-one construction... small hard drive, just floppy... one power cord... plug it into the network... DHCP... and you're in text console heaven. I delayed working on the Theatre web site. I'll finish it soon though.

Was a fun weekend... bro and I played around online, listened to music... ate 80 (4 bags) Armor brand meatballs. :D Had mozerella and meatball hot pockets too which are oh-so-delicious! Had a 4-egg, cheddar cheese, green pepper, and onion omelette for dinner tonight. Been drinking tons of water. Sis bought us kool-aid last weekend, so we've been drinking that too. Had to get more sugar though, which we got tonight. :)

Health-wise I'm blah still. Slightly congested all the time. Tired. Bleh. Sweating but cold chills at the same time sometimes, right now even. Just annoying though.

Watched episodes 1-23 of the anime series "Berserk" the last couple nights... subtitled of course... in asf format though. :| Not the best quality, but decent at full-screen still. Great series so far... gives me chills sometimes, and I want to t ake screen shots of a few scenes. I love the story though it's been getting increasinly weird. :P The characters are interesting, and I love how they all seem to have hidden depth even if it's obvious with a lot of them that it would come out later. The development of Griffith has been the most surprising and interesting for me. Maybe because the things that have come out in him throughout the story are things I normally don't look for in people. One of those things I just don't see before it's too late. I only have episodes 1-23 though... I need to find out how many there are and try to find them. If anyone has them and is on a fast connection, I'd love to grab them. I suppose episode 23 could be a disappointing freaky ending with little explanation and I'm missing some hidden meaning behidn the entire story, but I'm thinking there's quite a bit more still as the beginning of episode one seems to show part of the ending in flashback form, and the things to make itcome to pass haven't happened yet. Must find the rest of the series...

Thank you to everyone who has been trying to help me with things lately. I do appreciate it even if it doesn't necessarily help me at all. No one can help me, apparently not even myself right now. Thank you for all the hugs and such though.

Took apart my desktop computer again too... had forgotten about that. It was off and case off for a few days... went to the computer show last weekend, got a modem and 4 8M simm's for the junk computers... I need to pay more attention when modem shopping from now on. Stupid software modems. THis one is a Conexant HSF modem... the worst kind I'm told. Bleh. The Lucent? Ambient? Win Modem I have sucks arse too. Next time, I splurge, pay the $30 or so for a good *hardware* modem and stop screwing around.

My laptop has been acting weird... the link light on my 3Com dongle doesn't light right... if I nudge it a bit or lift it, it comeson so it's not making a connection somewhere, but does work otherwise. Modem in the laptop has been acting funky too. Maybe the card is going bad.

Last weekend someone tried cheering me up and I almost made an LJ entry about it then but didn't... there's just some days you can't smile, you want to, but can't... you can't even force yourself to type a smiley because of it. That's how I felt that day. A lot of things had happened and I wasn't feel well... physically ill even. And Icouldn't even type a smiley to someone else who meant well. I didn't like it, and it passed, but I felt it was worth commenting on.

Been freeing up space on my laptop too. 1.43G free, with over 700M to burn off. Deleting lots of stuff I don't need around. I actually started reading my book, "Time Tactics of Very Successful People" and as such, cleaned out the top two drawers in my desk... putting everything that I don't use frequently in a box which is stillnext to me desk. I had all sorts of stuff in my top drawer that had no reason to be there. Old camera, old glasses, old maps, old gifts, misc junk, papers, etc. I dumped it all. Just the essentials now. Maybe clean more of my room as I go. Box up tons of stuff, get it out sight and mind. I have so much junk.

I'm drawing a blank of what else I wanted to write in here so I'm just going to post it. It's long enough as it is and I'm just rambling. I can't think right now, more later.

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