Found this article earlier: Blog This

And following his request (and ignoring his use of bleh terms), I'm doing just that.


Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 21:19:56 -0500
From: Medlir <>
Subject: Blog This By Henry Jenkins

Bleh, I'm somewhat disappointed at the mentioning of by name
with no mention of even though LiveJournal has 487678
users, and it's open-source code is used by numerous other sites

And other sites that mimic it such as...

There's also a rather large contingent of "web journalists" who abhor
the terms "blog", "blogger" and "blogging", and would never use them to
decribe their web journaling. Bloggers are almost by definition *only*
the people who use blogger, and not any other service or method of web
journaling such as LiveJournal, GreyMatter
(, or even the custom and manually
updated solutions that many people use. I got the impression the
article was supposed to be about all web journalists... *shiver* at the
use of proprietary terms to describe a web culture that's much larger
than the terms used.

aka Medlir
LiveJournal User

"There's also a rather large contingent of "web journalists" who abhor the terms "blog", "blogger" and "blogging", and would never use them to describe their web journaling." - You

Y'know, that reminds me so much of the type of thing any group of people say if they feel they have been stereotyped.
I mean , substitute say, "night children" for "web journalists", and put "goth", "gothic" and "mansonite" in for the terms... Or, say "drag queen" with "hooker", "stripper" and "transexual" for the termas. You see my point, yes?

Just an observation. :)

I read the article..

You are totally right.

kick their asses.


Hehe most of those articles that I've read about blogging have been written about written by people who aren't part of the weblogging community and don't really understand the phenonmenon of it. Anyways, I use b2, a php/mysql script which is quickly gaining users. It too is open source and extremely customizable. Woohoo anyways, I couldn't read the rest of the article bc I was too lazy to sign up. LJ is cool. But perhaps that article dude felt that it was a "journal" and not a "blog"?

Oh yeah, Hi :P