Rick (medlir) wrote,


[2002.] Medlir: I enjoy it, I bough the Special Edition DVD on Saturday. :) By the way, why did you decide to add me back? Just because I added you? :)
[2002.] Denise: Yep :)
[2002.] Medlir: Darn, and I was hoping I was special. :P
[2002.] Denise: And it was also because I took one look at your page and fell instantly in love with you, will you marry me?
[2002.] Medlir: Of course! I don't have a ring, but I have fruit loops. And I can provide plenty of lovin' :D Just tell me when the big date is. :P

[2002.] emi: awww how you gonna marry her and me?
[2002.] Medlir: I'm supposed to marry you too?
[2002.] emi: yes didn't i tell you?
[2002.] Medlir: I dun think so. :P
[2002.] emi: oh

[2002.] heathen: hehe... you're gonna hafta marry me, too, I"m afraid (reading LJ)
[2002.] Medlir: Oh? :P
[2002.] heathen: yup :)
[2002.] heathen: I'll be nice, though, and share
[2002.] heathen: I'm not *completely* greedy :)

[2002.] Mary: marry me Rick?
[2002.] Medlir: Okay. :)
[2002.] Mary: YaY!
[2002.] Medlir: hehe :)
[2002.] Mary: :-D
[2002.] Mary: I LOVE YOU!!!!
[2002.] Medlir: I LOVE YOU TOO!!!
[2002.] Mary: :)

aprilxiii: how beautiful.
aprilxiii: marry me.

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