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I'm told people read wrongly into a post of mine last night. While I neither care what the general public thinks, or how they interprate it, I do care what a few people think, in this case one in particular. To that end, I can honestly say no post made yesterday was directed at anyone in particular. One person in particular helped me realize several things, but the post was not directed at them in any way. As I explained to them, it is a post explaining *my* feelings and beliefs, it in no way says anything about the beliefs, feelings, or opinions of anyone else at all except in that those with different feelings et all will see it as different, and it truly would be different in that case. It is a statement of my convictions and beliefs as Richard's statue in the quoted material in the beginning of the long post following later was. "This is what I believe to be true, choose your own path, if you believe it too, follow it, if not, that's your choice." To that end, anyone who feels it is about them, about someone they know, or that it says something against them or someone they know needs to consider why they feel that way. Why should a statement of my feelings and beliefs threaten anyone else when posted to the general public? If you somehow *do* feel threatened/intimidated/whatever by my beliefs and feelings... again, you need to consider why. I believe and feel green is the best color there is, beware. Once again, it wasn't directed or meant for anyone in particular, it was a statement of feelings and beliefs in *my* journal and of *my* thinking. Yes, it was realized with the help of another, but is not about them. And third, if it was about someone in particular and I was trying to make a point to them, I would have told them I posted it, said it only to them in private, or posted it so only they could read. Instead, I told no one I posted it, and left it as a declaration to the general public. I don't care what other people think, it's what *I* think. I don't care who reads it and doesn't read it, it's there for anyone who decides to, and I'm not asking anyone to go look or comment. It's just a journal post like any other.

Clear enough?

I debated making the post un-commentable to prove a point before I realized I have nothing to prove, I truthfully was never told which post or collection of posts were "offending", and there's little reason to censor other people in my own journal when I don't want to. Bleh.

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