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[2002.] <Medlir> Medlir ist das bomb.
[2002.] <mousework> babelfish?
[2002.] <mousework> heh
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> What about babelfish?
[2002.] <mousework> i dunno
[2002.] <mousework> just came to mind
[2002.] <Medlir> It's a fish, you put it in your ear.
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> That's all the "important" stuff I learned during the few german classes I took
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> DAS AFFE IST MEIN GOTT!
[2002.] <reema> ????????????????
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> I've heard that before Medlir... and it turned out to be a phatty cock.
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> I was q-tipping out man-chowder for WEEKS
[2002.] <Medlir> haha
[2002.] <mousework> www.qtipworld.com
[2002.] <mousework> will do the redesign today, maybe
[2002.] <mousework> or not
[2002.] <mousework> damn
[2002.] <mousework> maybe by the end of the week
[2002.] <Medlir> You sound like me. :D
[2002.] <mousework> I am medlir
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> I paint up my penis and wedge two q-tips in the pee-hole and pretend he's a drummer for Led Zepplin
[2002.] *** mousework is now known as MedIir
[2002.] <Medlir> "but soon the night will bring the..." panis? penis?
[2002.] <MedIir> hahahaha
[2002.] <Medlir> mouse is me!
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> PENISISISES!
[2002.] <Medlir> I am mouse!
[2002.] <MedIir> I dont like penises
[2002.] *** N00dleBoy is now known as Med1ir
[2002.] <Med1ir> I'm us too!
[2002.] * MedIir shakes Medlir's hand
[2002.] <MedIir> I am we!
[2002.] <Medlir> I don't believe myself.
[2002.] <MedIir> Women's entertainment!
[2002.] <Medlir> I am the Walrus?
[2002.] <Med1ir> Don't shake our hand! We've been touching our wang-o-matic babywand!
[2002.] * MedIir coocoocachoo
[2002.] <Medlir> I touch it frequently.
[2002.] <MedIir> I dont have one
[2002.] <Med1ir> I enjoy being the Egg Man, personally.
[2002.] <Med1ir> Yes we do MedIir.
[2002.] <MedIir> and one is the lonliest
[2002.] <Medlir> 2 is also
[2002.] <Med1ir> You are we as we are I and I have a wang-o-matic babywand
[2002.] <MedIir> babywand?
[2002.] <MedIir> to fuck babies?
[2002.] <Medlir> It makes babies?
[2002.] <Med1ir> Exactly
[2002.] <Med1ir> It's magical!
[2002.] <Medlir> Sheesh.
[2002.] <Med1ir> Everyone says the "miracle" of life
[2002.] <Med1ir> Miracles = Magic
[2002.] *** reema has left #livejournal
[2002.] <Medlir> haha
[2002.] <Med1ir> Wands are used in magic
[2002.] <Med1ir> WE WIN AGAIN!
[2002.] <MedIir> i think i missed something
[2002.] <Med1ir> Medlir has defeated all opponents!
[2002.] <Med1ir> Medlir is victorious!!
[2002.] <Medlir> "We" being the Legion of Allied Medlir Entertainment
[2002.] <Medlir> Or L.A.M.E. for short.
[2002.] <Med1ir> (please insert 25 cents to continue)
[2002.] <MedIir> All your medlir are belong to us
[2002.] <MedIir> make your time
[2002.] <MedIir> you have no chance to survive
[2002.] * Medlir inserts 25c into Med1ir's arse.
[2002.] <Med1ir> For great Medlir, take off every 'Zig
[2002.] * Med1ir continues!
[2002.] <Med1ir> The only thing that bothers me about us is the fact that we continue to beat our scrotum with sticks to make it bloat
[2002.] <Medlir> We do?
[2002.] <Medlir> Do we also inject saline?
[2002.] <MedIir> mmm, saline
[2002.] <MedIir> or 5% dextrose?!
[2002.] <Medlir> Redi-Wip!
[2002.] <Med1ir> Yes, Redi-wip
[2002.] *** Mazzie (~kimberley@ has joined channel #livejournal
[2002.] <MedIir> When a Medlir comes along, you must whip it
[2002.] <MedIir> whip it good
[2002.] * MedIir hugs Mazzie
[2002.] <Med1ir> It doubles as fake load-age when we blast people with our Man-Chowder Cannon
[2002.] * Med1ir hugs Mazzie too
[2002.] * Mazzie gets her riding crop
[2002.] <Mazzie> I mean, good morning, medli(1)r(s)
[2002.] <Mazzie> :D
[2002.] <MedIir> heheh
[2002.] <Med1ir> We are Medlir of Medlir
[2002.] <Med1ir> Do you come in Medlir?
[2002.] <Mazzie> huh huh huh come
[2002.] * MedIir comes
[2002.] * Mazzie ducks
[2002.] <Med1ir> Scrotie-yums! Lightly frosted scrotums!
[2002.] * MedIir aims
[2002.] <Med1ir> Part of this cumplete breakfast
[2002.] * Med1ir scores!
[2002.] <Medlir> Med[l,1,I]ir
[2002.] <Med1ir> If you miss the first shot, squeeze out some of that Redi-wip.
[2002.] <Med1ir> Med?ir
[2002.] * Mazzie is blinking
[2002.] <Med1ir> Use wildcards to make things interesting
[2002.] <Mazzie> what are you smoking?
[2002.] * Med1ir helps Mazzie blink
[2002.] <MedIir> you
[2002.] <Mazzie> mmm I wish
[2002.] * MedIir smokes Mazzie
[2002.] <Med1ir> Actually, we are smoking cock here.
[2002.] <Mazzie> nothing like morning smoking
[2002.] <MedIir> Not me
[2002.] <MedIir> I have no cock
[2002.] <MedIir> remember... no hand jobs?
[2002.] <Med1ir> Doesn't mean you can't smoke it.
[2002.] <Medlir> Hopefully mine. :|
[2002.] * Mazzie looks furitively around for help
[2002.] <MedIir> But you have to have a hand or two to smoke something
[2002.] <MedIir> heh
[2002.] <MedIir> *** Mazzie is now known as M3dlir
[2002.] <Medlir> Medlim?
[2002.] <MedIir> ridleM
[2002.] <Med1ir> Mooklir!
[2002.] <MedIir> moolir!
[2002.] <Med1ir> Mooklir!
[2002.] <Medlir> Medlin?
[2002.] <Med1ir> Masturbatir
[2002.] <Mazzie> did you ... sleep last night?
[2002.] <Med1ir> I most certainly did.
[2002.] <Medlir> I didn't, I can't speak for them.
[2002.] <Med1ir> No, you speak for all of me when you speak.
[2002.] <Med1ir> Silly us.
[2002.] <Med1ir> Silly Medlir, cock is for Artyste!
[2002.] <Medlir> I offered him MedlirPr0n, he didn't accept.
[2002.] <Medlir> I even took a few new pictures the other day.
[2002.] <MedIir> He was afraid of that lucious ass on google
[2002.] <Medlir> Cyndi told me to post one on nakedwarped to scare Julie.
[2002.] <Med1ir> Our ass is damn sexy
[2002.] <Med1ir> I really enjoy spending quality time with our ass.
[2002.] <Med1ir> Or sitting with our ass in front of a crackling fire...
[2002.] <Med1ir> watching the light glimmer off it...
[2002.] <Med1ir> slowly caress...
[2002.] <Med1ir> ummm...
[2002.] <Medlir> Our ass is not to be invaded!
[2002.] * Med1ir jabs a flagpole into our ass
[2002.] <Med1ir> I claim this ass for France!
[2002.] <Medlir> Hey now, none of that.
[2002.] <Med1ir> But... I thought we liked the French?
[2002.] <Medlir> People can smoke our cock, but they can't invade our ass.
[2002.] <Med1ir> It wasn't an invasion.
[2002.] <Mazzie> fuck the french
[2002.] <Med1ir> It was a colonization
[2002.] <Med1ir> We do fuck the French
[2002.] * Med1ir smiles slyly
[2002.] <Medlir> I want something to eat that isn't cock or ass.
[2002.] <MedIir> mouse?
[2002.] <Med1ir> Mouse is good.
[2002.] <MedIir> Now that you mention it... I am sort of hungry myself.
[2002.] * Medlir eats mouse who isn't here.
[2002.] *** MedIir is now known as mousework
[2002.] * Med1ir eats mouse who is here
[2002.] * mousework is eaten
[2002.] * Med1ir is spent
[2002.] <mousework> Well, I need to do work type things.
[2002.] <mousework> Bye all
[2002.] <Medlir> Laters
[2002.] *** Signoff: mousework (and it is time to say goodbye. *waves*)
[2002.] *** Med1ir is now known as N00dleBoy
[2002.] * Medlir will now post all of this on LJ.
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> Now, back to weaving my butt-hair into rugs!
[2002.] <Mazzie> i get it
[2002.] * Mazzie cries
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> You get what?
[2002.] <Medlir> You thought it was all me?
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> Wooo!
[2002.] <Medlir> Mazzie must not use a decent font. :P
[2002.] <N00dleBoy> This is highly amusing.
[2002.] * N00dleBoy comforts Mazzie
[2002.] <Medlir> That would have seemed crazy if you didn't see the multiple names. :D
[2002.] <Mazzie> I didn't know what to think

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