Rick (medlir) wrote,

#livejournal on irc.warped.net

[2002.] <Medlir> Hooray for custom 403 and 404 documents.
[2002.] * suki wanders back to studing :P
[2002.] <leper> i have a custom 404 doc on my site
[2002.] <leper> i didn't do a 403
[2002.] <zhixel> this is how we make fish cakes
[2002.] <zhixel> this is how one makes fish cakes
[2002.] <zhixel> smash it up
[2002.] <cydniey> yeah, i've only done a 404, as well
[2002.] <cydniey> and i think it needs to be redone, too
[2002.] <leper> mine just sarcastic
[2002.] <leper> +s
[2002.] * Oleg prods emi
[2002.] * emi liqz oleg
[2002.] <Medlir> http://medlir.warped.com/403.html
[2002.] <Medlir> http://medlir.warped.com/404.html
[2002.] <cydniey> show off
[2002.] <emi> weirdo
[2002.] <photo> heh
[2002.] <Oleg> 404 just gives me a page not found error with your e-mail address on it
[2002.] <emi> i think thats what he wants
[2002.] * Oleg congratulates emi for falling for it
[2002.] <Oleg> i was waiting to see who'd take the bait :)
[2002.] <emi> i knew you knew

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