Rick (medlir) wrote,

My Afternoon.

Went and got money, then Wal-Mart... bought a 50-spool of Memoriex CD-R's, and 5 padded mailing envelopes, Usual Suspects Special Edition DVD, Good Morning Vietnam DVD, and Life as a House DVD (which I saw at the theater with Cyndi and lil last fall, been waiting for it to come out on DVD. :)). So then I went to Meijer's to mail the Cowboy Bebop CD's I made for Denise but unfortunately, Meijer's machine that prints postage labels things was broken, sothey couldn't mail it unless I used tons of stamps which would cost more. So I made up the package there anyway, and then left and went to Felpauch's. Mailed it from there, whoohoo! Then I wandered around and barely got 20 feet into the store when lo and behold... carts and carts and carts of Easter candy on sale! So I bought 8 Cadbury Chocolate Cream Eggs, 8 Caramel Cream Eggs, 8 Snickers eggs, 3 Dove Milk Chocolate Truffle Eggs, and a bag of mini Reese's peanut butter cups, plus a 2-liter of Code Red, and a SoBe Adrenaline Rush. Mm, chocolategoodness for a week or two makes Rick happy. And tonight... anime screening! Looks like bro, Wes, and I again. No word from Sara lately though, Liz said she might drag people there though. Whee!

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