Rick (medlir) wrote,


Just got home. Yay for fun evenings! Got there around 5 after a short period of being lost, watched part of Win Ben Stein's money, played with hedgehog, pet dog and cat, played Super Mario 1 via Super Mario All-Stars on SNES. Went to dinner at local Indian Restaurant. Came back, met Jerry and Mahala, all 4 of us played Mario Kart 64 :P I won nine out of the ten 150cc races. :D I attribute my loss on the very first course we played to my not being acclimated to the weird "SuperPad" controller yet. :P After that, Jerry, Erica, and I played Legend of Mana on SNES each playing one character. Then Jerry went to bed and we watched ST:Enterprise, and here I am. :)

Update: [2002.] Erica: Don't forget to mention that I didn't murder you =)

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