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Weird day. Woke up multiple times this morning, once at 7AM even, all without any alarm. Went back to bed though, multiple times. Got up at 10:50, went to work. Spent most of the day cleaning. Ferrying boxes and folders everywhere, sorting binders, taking keys off rings, sorting CD's, floppies, tapes. I have a stack of folders to strip of paper for reusing. Code to write. But whoohoo... in the next week or so I'm expecting to get a new 10/100 NIC+56K Modem Combo card since my current one is funky, and to get 512M of memory for my laptop too. :P Dean asked me and Nelson what we were at, Nelson is at 256 with two 128's, I'm only at 192 with one 128, and a 64 of my own from home. So we asked how much they were to get two 256's for each, and Cynthia upstairs asked for our service tag numbers today. Whee! He's also trying to get it so we can do full-time hours this summer. I talked to mom a few times on the phone to okay Erica going up north with us for the weekend. Going to help put the boat in the water this weekend, and we got a bunch of new furniture for the almost complete second cottage. :) Will be back Sunday morning/afternoon. I left work around 5:20, stopped at a garage sale, came home. Helped mom and dad unload stuff. Unloaded furniture from Dad's fan and helped pack it into the truck. Talked to dad about my car and heleft to go golfing. Talked to mom for a bit. Bro and I goofed off. Pulled a metal stake out of the yard that used to be for the dog to be hooked to. Watched the dog dig in the garden. Got online. Found out ants had discovered my snack drawer and emptied it. April called me! :P We talked for almost 2 hours I think. :P April is funny and cool. :) And of course, spent the evening talking to various people. :) And now I'm in bed, with heavy eyes, and yawning, but the cam is on. :) Whee!

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