Rick (medlir) wrote,

Good enough...

While driving home, I had a thought. I wonder how many people settle for good enough... in their lives in general, in their work, and in the area I was thinking of, their life partners. I really do wonder how many people are with the person they are because they gave up and decided that person was 'good enough'. Like going to the store, and not finding what you want and deciding something else will do, or not seeing any good tomatoes and picking up a couple thinking they're not what you want but they'll do. I think that's really sad personally. And I thought as I drove about how I don't want to settle for good enough, I don't think anyone should. And from that I thought about how it seems like people should consider that an insult to have someone else decide they're not really all that great, but they're good enough. And I guess that's what really scares me... as much as I don't want to settle for someone that's just good enough, I think it's even more frightening someone else might decide I'm 'good enough'. Just some thoughts...
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