So I'm like a wanted criminal now. There's a warrant out for my arrest. Apparently, when I went in on the 12th, showed the lady my ticket, and PAID and got a RECEIPT for it, she only had me pay for charge 1, not charge 2. What the hell? So I have a receipt saying I paid for it stabled to it, but it was only for one of them. They're on the same freaking ticket! So I'm there in city hall on the 12th, the warrant gets issued on the 16th, and I don't find out about it until the 22nd... it suddenly takes longer to send mail 30 miles than it does to Ohio or Atlanta. I want to wring the neck of the counter lady now. Because now, I have to evade the cops in the meantime so I don't get arrested all because I'm not familiar with how the system works, and the lady who is familiar with whats supposed to happen didn't bother to look. *grumble* "So, I'm done?" "Yep, you're all set sir." BLEH!

I know you probably don't find this humorous, but I did =P You know Steph's daughter, Peggy, is one of those counter ladies. =)

you can hide with meeeee... :D

poor meddie :P if a cop stops you, call me, i'll come get you out of trouble :P

Come to Canada!
You can hide in my be-- err.. basement. *nod*

i can relate.
my license has been suspended for not paying a small stupid traffic ticket.