Rick (medlir) wrote,

Session Start (sanjose.ca.us.warped.net:T-gurl): Tue Apr 23 14:39:32 2002
[2002.] hi
[2002.] Hello
[2002.] wuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz up?
[2002.] Lame beer commercials.
[2002.] oh
[2002.] so is this the old Mirc?
[2002.] is there a kuwait channel?
[2002.] mIRC is an IRC client, not a place.
[2002.] k
[2002.] I have no idea if there's a kuwait channel here.
[2002.] asl?
[2002.] moo.
[2002.] boring
[2002.] Y are U so0o0o0o0 duLl?
[2002.] Why are you so lame?
[2002.] well, thats for U 2 answere?
[2002.] no ?
[2002.] hello?
[2002.] are U a retard
[2002.] don't be ashamed of yourself dude
[2002.] haha
[2002.] sosososososoo yesterday
[2002.] ASL??????????????????????????????????????????
[2002.] Then go away?
[2002.] hey don't take this personaly!
[2002.] don't worry i won't eat ya1
[2002.] !
[2002.] Darn. :|
[2002.] are U a retard serousily!
[2002.] :(
[2002.] No.
[2002.] Not even close.
[2002.] oh ok phew:)
[2002.] Which is why I know retarded things like "asl" are useless and unimportant.
[2002.] This isn't AOL.
[2002.] ok then you must have reached the 40's
[2002.] in age
[2002.] are you G or L
[2002.] Not even close.
[2002.] What the hell is L?
[2002.] ok that better
[2002.] nothing, forget it
[2002.] *** Signoff: T-gurl (Leaving)

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