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Friday I woke up around 3PM I think, Nate wasn't home yet, but Karl and Keith showed up here. Mom was getting ready to go up north, Dad had gone up there Thursday. Nicole was here, mom left, still no Nate. Keith told me everyone was planning on going to see Spider-man so I called the theater... 7:00 and 9:30. Karl left because he was being forced to go camping, but Keith stayed. Messed with computers. Wes showed up. Mesed more with computers. Took a shower. Jason showed up. By this time itwas 5 after 6. I went in search of Nate, no luck, got back here around 6:30... Tony had shown up and had Nate with him. We took off, Jason and Tony in Tony's car, me, Nate, Keith, and Wes in my car. Went to Keith's house to make sure he had permission. :P Went to ATM to get money, got to theater at like 6:58. :P Tony and Jason waiting, all went in, Ipaid for everyone up front (Whee, I love $4 movie tickets. :)) and went in, found seats, watched movie. :P I thought it was good, the distance shots of him running on, leaping, jumping, ladning, etc were kind of bleh... like game cinematics. No recombination ray, or webbing cartridges. His costume didn't look as dumb and plastic as in the previews either which was good. Sadly, the theater was packed with little kids making tons of noise which was fairly annoying. But it was packed. I was entertained. :) The ending though... bleh... I kept saying out loud "You fooooool Peter!" :P So now we wait for Spider-Man 2... do we get Harry as the Hobgoblin? Doc Oc? Scorpion? Whooooo? :P When's Matrix 2 due out finally? I guess I can go see Episode 2 when it comes out. After the movie, we found out Nate's girlfriend was there too. Then all 6 of us guys went to K-Mart... sicne they're closing the first week in June, stuff has been further marked down to 30-50% off. :P I bought two CD's... Jimmy Eat World, and Phantom Planet... oh yeah... $7 CD's are yummy. And I bought 2 things of beef jerky... Hickory Smoked, and Peppered... and a big bag of Starburst hard candies. Yum. :) I need to go back next week or so. Buy cheap games, more snacks, toys, etc. :P Then we all came back here. Nicole and Heather were watching Coyote Ugly so no one could play Super Smash Brothers in the living room. Jason left, Tony left, got his computer, and came back. Played on computer more, me and Nate started a Diablo 2: LoD game. Worked on getting a desktop suitable for Keith to use. Wes brought over his Metropolis DVD for me to watch. Wes eventually left, and I took Keith home around midnight since Karl had been his chaffeur to our house earlier. Keith dumped his Gateway 2000 tower on me. Got back, played online, scrapped other computer I had been working on. Watched the end of Dungeons & Dragons, watched something else I can't remember, watched part of Back To The Future Part II, watched Hav Plenty. Made myself shell noodles with white cheddar sauce stuff for dinner. Eventually watched Metropolis sometime after dawn and tacked a blanket over my window. Slept until 3:30PM. Ate grahm crackers and milk for "breakfast". Wes came over, worked on Keith and Wes' computers. Keith's is mostly done now. Ate hot dogs for "lunch" that Nate had grilled. Wes' computer I need to mess with more and install win98se on. Eventually dumped them on the floor and cleaned off my bed. Had cleaned my room off and on all day. Made myself angel hair pasta with parmesan sauce for dinner and some potato and cheddar pierogies. Played online of course. Started Metropolis again sometime around 5AM I think and fell asleep. Woke up today... orange juice, then mowed the lawn with no shirt so I could maybe get a tan. Weird dreams the last couple nights, will try to write them down later. Got the mail, moved my car into the garage, gotmy new license int he mail, will scan later. Changed the trash, cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, etc. Hmm, drank bunch of my Country Peach Passion Celestial Seasons tea this weekend too. Also went through a thing of Cran-Raspberry and Cran-Apple juices, and part of another Cran-Apple. It's warm out! I have my window all the way open, whoohoo! :) Erica had found a bike she thought I might want the other day for $15, I think she ended up getting it for herself though since I think it was a steel frame which I want to avoid. Will go down to the MSU Surplus tomorrow morning I think and look there now that MSU is done. Friday I didn't even bother going to work, they had commencement at the Breslin Center and Cheney was here... and I work only a few blocks from there... I decided not to brave the masses of people.

Tonight... I want to get an install package for my systray apps done. And maybe go to bed on time so I can go towork tomorrow since I didn't last week at all. I want my extra hours, RAM, and new NIC/Modem too!

Sis and bro and I played two games of Age of Empires II: TC too at different times last week. I'll post pictures later of that too. Maybe yummy banana shakes too. :P

Next weekend... mom wants us all up north for Mother's Day, but it can't be done... Nate has a Jazz band thing. Need to find out what's happening instead, I want to go to the Jazz Band thing. :P The weekend after that is another Animania Screening which Wes, Nate, and I will probably go to, Keith wants to too, but hasn't been able to the last two times. Karl maybe too. And Wizzywig is having their new store grand opening that same day... ehehehehehe!!! It's only like 2.5 blocks from the MLB where there anime screening is. :P Mmm, anime. The weekend after that is Memorial Day weekend... up north! Erica and some other people are maybe camping ont he state land up there too. We'll be reroofing the barn most likely. Mom said dad finished reroofing the second cottage this weekend whichmeans it's mostly done now. Will take pictures on Memorial day, will borrow digital camera. Other than that, I'm drawinga blank right now. Will have more later.

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