Rick (medlir) wrote,


The commentary:

From: Half-Mad on May 7 2002 4:27AM
Your code is fucking up my portfolio display. So, been nice owning you.
From: Pasje owns 95 souls (daily flipper) on May 7 2002 5:05AM
your soul fuckes up my soul list. and i can't sell you either.. i don't even know if i can send you this soulnote.. it looks all funny
From: JimmyPop - Official Shukite on May 7 2002 10:37AM
just to let you know, I don't have the option to sell you, or see any souls past you on my soulpage. It's freaking me out, and several other people are having the same problem.
From: Lyra, the Kinky Dwarf on May 7 2002 1:12PM
Has anyone else said your soul is messing up their port? lol..i can't sell you now.. :-P Something is wrong.

The results: Now, the unintentioned benefit of not giving people the option to sell me... whoohoo! But it was unintentioned. The problem has been fixed now that I woke up today and realized it was a problem. The culprit? soulxchange's handling of HTML in descriptions. For the purposes of my own soulpage, I had used an open comment tag inmy eBay description line, and then later closed it in my good/bad description. Unfortunately, at 3-5AM last night, I didn't even think that the eBAY description gets used in portfolios that are expanded (collapsing would have shown you all your souls), and that there would then be no closing to the tag since the good/bad description isn't there too. Sorry to anyone who this caused any inconvenience for. I think it's funny that out of the 4 people who sent me soul notes, not a single one asked me to fix it. :P And two people even sold me for a simple mistake I didn't even know about until now when I got the notes. :P I'll be flipping some now to make up the loss since I'm down two owners. :P

Conclusion: soulxchange first needs error checking on the length of the descriptions since it throws an error if you go over the length limit instead of telling you it was too long and making you edit it. It also needs better checking of content. In perl, this is a simple matter... $description ~= s/<.*?>/g; would remove all HTML tags from them, and an additional regex for comment tag removal would be just as simple. I'm not sure why they ever half-assed their blocking of HTML and stopped at font tags and color. There's so many more inadvertantly annoying things than color which is just a minor annoyance. I wonder... what happens if I put the open comment tag at the beginning of my soul name, would you then not seel mysoul at all *plus* none of the other past it? *And* it would work in collapsed view too... a simple <!-- making most soulxchange invisible. It really is hilarious. :P

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