Rick (medlir) wrote,

No sleep.

But I feel accomplished. Woke up around 5PM, ate baked apple oatmeal, got dressed, went to grandparents, came home, been here since. I fixed my custom error documents, and added a 401... they are 401, 403, and 404. After that, I worked on my cam page and new cam cgi. It's right here. I'm pretty proud of it. Someone needs to break it/find a problem with it to ruin that. The page itself is set to a default of no refresh for casual browsers. The popup is set to 30s by default. Both are editable, a value of zero stops it, values 1-14, or <= -1 should go to a default of 30s, values 15-99 should just be valid and be used. Clicking the image from themain page launches the remote. There's also a link to the "Old Popup" for those that just want an image. Mostly the changeable refresh is so that on the odd time I set it to 15s, or more often 60, 120, 300... I don't have to manually edit the html page myself. I can just change the text message on the image, and anyone (hah! No one watches my cam!) watching can just change it themself.

Other recent accomplishments... changed my geOShell setup all around, and found and edited a skin I'm really liking for Trillian. Both of those can be seen in the screenshot I just made here. I also scanned in several images lately which can be seen here, and here. There will be 3-7 more added to the second directory soon when I find time to crop them properly. I also finished a project for work making an installer for my 24 systray programs which I'll turn in later today hopefully as well as getting a giant magnet so I can mass-erase a bunch of junk floppies.

Some other events... early last week, Monday I think, it was a gray overcast drizzly spring day, so I got some film from the cupboard and took a walk with my 35mm. I ended up using the whole roll, on plants, flowers, anything that grabbed me. I ended up walking down the road into the woods, then back out to the road and across the road into the field, through the field into the woods, down the hill, across some streams, back a half-mile to the river, through the woods along the river a half-mile to the road, a half-mile up the road, and another half-mile back down our road to the house. A two mile walk in and all over all sorts of terrain. The pictures were dropped off just the other day, so hopefully I'll get them back this week.

The next day, I recruited bro and Wes, and we grabbed the flat-bottomed rowboat fromt he barn, loaded it in the truck, dropped Wes' car off a mile away at one bridge, drove back the other way a mile and half at the other bridge, threw the boat in the river, and away we went. Drifted/paddled down the river, had to duck under several trees, had to power our way over (Nate and Wes move to back of boat, Rick get out of boat onto log, Rick pull boat across log, have Nate and Wes move to front of boat, have Rick pull/push rest of way acrosslog, have Rick jump back in) multiple times. We stopped a few times to wander around the woods. Took us about an hour I think to go about a mile. We're going to do a different mile later this week or as soon as it's nice out again.

Then I was sick. Now reduced to a sore throat, which I may have looked at tomorrow if it's not dissipating.

Then Friday, I went to work around 2PM and stayed until 7-8PM. Bro went bowling. Then we all met at the school at 11PM. I rode the bus with the Jazz Band to another town about 15-20 minutes away. And the Jazz band played from midnight until 1AM at the American Red Cross Walk For Lifefor Cancer event. People were walking around the track, some people had tents on the infield, barrels with fire, etc. Ultimate frisbee games, little dogs running around, a couple footballs. It was cool. We got pizza and drinks from the superintendent, and then they played. I recorded quiteabit of them playing on my laptop which I may convert to mp3 and upload later this week also. Then we got hot chocolate, packed up, and headed back, and got home around 2AM. Bro and I both ended up staying up all night. I went to bedsometime around 10AM I think, I had to put a blanket over my window, and woke up around 4PM. Bro went on a date with Melissa, Karl, and Autumn. Around 8:30PM, I left and went to the store.

At the store, I spent more money than I should have. I went to K-Mart first since they close at 10 to scope out the increasing sales and dropping prices as the first week of June and they're closing gets nearer. I bought a heavy-duty extension cord ($3), a six-outlet powerstrip surge protector ($3.50), a stainless steel mug, a four-pack of little lightbulbs for my desklamp, some peppered beef jerky, two two-packs of Altoids... one pack cinnamon, one pack Wintergreen, and something on the receipt called "TOBLER" that cost 80 cents that I can't remember. Then I went to Wal-Mart. At Wal-Mart I was looking for some dinner mostly so I grabbed a Pepperoni and Cheese Calzone. But that didn't sound all that great by the time I started walking around, so then I got some extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, penne rigate pasta, boneless skinless chicken breast strips, a green pepper, a cucumber, a sweet onion, an 8oz thing of sliced mushrooms, and ended up making an awesome stir fry served over the pasta with Parmesan and Romano cheese sprinkled on top. :D Sis and Laura showed up later after I made it and could smell it, and ended up having some too. :) While there, I also got croissants and strawberry glaze for my dessert. Also, a card for mom, a small black cherry scented candle, a candle holder for large round candles, Hackers on DVD, and one other thing. After all of this, I went to Meijer's too, and got bathroom supplies. Then went home, made my dinner, etc. Bro got home around midnight I think and I think I was up until dawn again watching Hackers repeatedly since I was too lazy to get up.

Then Sunday... I cleaned up the entire kitchen, vacuumed everywhere, cleaned up cat hair, boxes, misc stuff, etc. Cleaned off the table, loaded the dishwasher (with bro's help), and ran it. Did other dishes, put away dishes on counter, put away dishes in dishwasher when it was done and reloaded. Set the table with everything. Made coffee. Made the venison roast with potatos, carrots, onions. Made corn and beans. Restocked the ketchup. Refilled the salt and pepper shakers. Got out a stick of butter on a small plate, got bread out, got a second stick out to soften just in case. And made everything nice for Mom's Day dinner. :) Sis got caught at Wal-Mart so the carrots and biskets (and her) didn't get there until after mom and dad got home from the cottage, but it was enough. :) So then we made the biscuits. It was 8PM by this time and the biscuits weren't done so we watched Simpsons. Then we had a great dinner with Russell too. Then gave mom her gifts and cards. I gave her jars of clover, wild flower, and golden honey. Sis gave her Tabu powder. Bro gave her two bags of peanut clusters. Russell gave her the Soggy Bottom Boys tape (from O' Brother Where Art Thou). Sis and Russell gave her something else too I don't remember. Dad had given her two new fishing poles I guess while they were at the cottage over the weekend. Mom and Dad got the second cottage up north re-roofed, and moved the porch around tot he other side this weekend. Then I came up here and goofed off and watched X-Files. Eventually around 5AM I went to bed, and watched The Great Escape.

Finished watching The Great Escape when I woke up today, throat was killing me. Ate the oatmeal mentioned above, and etc.

Hopefully today I'll go to work, and stop by MSU Surplus to look for a new bike. Will register for a class for the summer this week. Next weekend as previously mentioned is an anime screening on the 18th and city-wide garage sales all weekend in Charlotte. Debating doing a grill-out Saturday before the anime screening. Keith, Karl, Wes, I, and maybe bro all want to go. We'll see as the weekend gets nearer. Weekend after that is memorial day and we'll be reroofing the barn up north. Upcoming projects... work more on my soulxchange port flipper, burn the first 6 episodes of Trigun for Karl, and all 26 for a friend of his as soon as Karl buys the media. The above-mentioned film developing and scanning and band recordings conversion to mp3, fixmy copy of bawt that has soulxchange commands to not show the level in the output of the level-specific rank, rank2, and rank3 commands. Finish working on Wes' computer. And as always, cleaning my room.

And now, I think I've covered most everything so I'll go to bed for a few hours before work.

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