Numerous Sightings! Spent 6.5 hours in B&N. Wrote 14 pgaes in old paper journal. Bought lemonade and cheesecake at Wal-Mart. Home.


i miss rick.

Rick who?

OH! That Rick...

Why would anyone miss that loser? ;)

because he's *so* not a loser. he's a wonderful boy that i heart.

I can't imagine why, but I'll take your word for it Kira. :P

Maybe you should talk to me sometime - I'd tell you why I heart him so.

I'm talking to you right now! :) I'm not sure when I'll be back on IM's... I signed on briefly two days in the last week or so for an hour or so. I keep telling people they can email me too, but no one does. :P

i don't even have your email....*sigh*

That's actually pretty funny. :P Especially considering this is livejournal, and my info link is on every single one of these posts, and my livejournal info tells the entire world that they can email me at :D

feh, i meant a *real* email!

That is real email. :P It forwards to one of my accounts from my ISP the same as,, and numerous others do including, etc. They all end up in the exact same place... my Becky! mail client window as seen here. :P medlir@livejournal is the default incoming and outgoing address I use for almost all mail. :P

Cheesecake is the tool of the devil!
*smashes it with a shoe*

No! How could you say such awful things!?!? I theorize that it is *you* who is possessed by Satan and he's using you to spread cheesecake hate! :P And a shoe? Everyone knows cheesecake is impervious to shoes. :) Love your current "Name" too by the way. :P


Cheesecake?!!? nummy!

It's a cheap one though, I have no money. :| I did have a piece of snickers pie at the B&N cafe though too. :P