The Anti-Moon Outside My Window
The Anti-Moon Outside My Window

Me getting ready to go to B&N and showing off what I planned to wear for the cam.

One of my little Domo-kun keychains from WizzyWig

Young man, clean up your room! ;)

The fabulous and wonderful Lele lives!

My room will be clean soon... in a week or two, I'll have this entire 13'x24' room to myself... I can spread out. :P

And by the way, any idea why the channel has been invite-only lately? I messaged steam one day to ask since he still showed up on the /names list and wasn't idle, but he never replied.

Check out

steam probably didn't answer you bc he's gotten tons of requests, and he stated somewheres that he will not be answering queries about it anymore.

Hang out in #geeksinvite (I think that's the channel name) and see what happens

I haven't been on OPN for awhile, 3 months or soo.. :'( I missed Medlir and his late night laptop sessions! :D

Bleh. :| If we weren't there to see them talk about it before it happened, how would we know to not ask and read that page? :P

I think I'll just not even try. Invite-only channels annoy me... not worth the work.

And yeah, I haven't been on at all for more than a month myself, which is why this surprised me.

I don't have a laptop anymore either! :| Are you on elsewhere still? Anywhere cool I can visit sometime? :P

yeah I'm not too wild about the +i thing either, but oh well.. they had their reasons for it.

no more laptop!? What happened! :'(

I can usually be found on #protagonist, tis a small server. you're welcome to join if you'd like.. hehe no pressure though ;P Do you still hang around on OPN? if so, enjoying rob levin's $$ global notices? :P

Laptop went bye-bye when the State of MI terminated my job.

I might stop by some time. Like I said, I haven't been on anywhere really for over a month now. Once I do come back, I'll still be on OPN though. :P