Forgot about this. Saturday when I was going to the parade, I was waiting at a corner for 2 vehicles to go by on the adjoining road. As the leading vehicle gets closer, they make a left turn onto the road I'm on with absolutely no blinker! What the hell? If they would have ha d a blinker on, I would have been able to pull out before they got there and been on my way! So as the truck goes by me and little bro, I yell out the window, "Turn signal?" and the guy, who was probably in his 50's, gives me the finger! What an asshole! That pissed me off so much. He's the lazy bastard who didn't use a turn signal and he gives me the finger? This is one of those times where I wish i drove a big beat up vehicle with no license plate. I would done a u-turn, slammed his bumper a few times, maybe roughed up the side of his truck too, and drove off. What an f-er. Feh!

Gai tren zich, shtik drek!!!

some way to get comments.

Too bad I'm lazy and just now got around to this. Never did figure out who posted the above comment. I guess it doesn't matter since they're obviously an idiot. :P A way to get comments... if it was a way to get comments, wouldn't it generate more than one from someone who thinks I'm lieing? *ponder*

What kind of a moron are you? BIG DEAL if he forgot his turn signal and you got stuck behind him! Jesus, you must be one ignorant asshole to yell stuff out of your window for something so unimportant, BAH! I hope I don't meet your own kind on the road, for your sake...

First off, way to stand behind your words by posting anonymously. Second, I wasn't stuck *behind* him. Learn to read, he was going by on the adjacent road and turned without a turn signal which is *illegal*. The inconvenience to me was that because he was tuning onto the road I was on, I could have pulled out onto the main road he was leaving before he got to the corner due tot he fact that he'd have to slow down to turn the corner. Third, the "yell" in question wasn't an angry and loud yell, it was a yell only in that it was louder than normal talking so as to be heard by him as he went by. Last I checked, endangering people's lives by disobeying the law wasn't unimportant. If you mean my "own kind" as in law abiding and safe drivers, I don't see why it would be for my sake not to meet them as I'd likely have no problem as they would also use their turn signals and wouldn't act like ignorant rednecks and flash "the finger" at people who had done nothing to them but remind them of the law they just broke. Thank you, come again.