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I need more friends. :P

Got free food across the hall for lunch today... hot sub with pepperoni, bacon, green peppers, onions, and cheese. Mmm, mmm, good. And of course I have my 2-liter of Mountain Dew. :P Someone in France has been going to my webcam. I find that somewhat disconcerting... I do know one person in France but they don't know about my cam. And someone found my cam by searching Google for "RICK CAM"... that's neat they found me that way, but I wonder who it was. :P I'm nosy, oof!

Yes, Meagan, I talk about Mountain Dew a lot... the ambrosia of the gods must be worshipped daily!

I wish I had a faster net connection at home. I can do all my heavy downloading here at work or at school, but all the fun stuff is in the evening when I'm on a slow connection. Someone asked me to listen to their shoutcast stream... I couldn't... I'd like to stream my cam like so many others... I can't. Heck, my bro complains about lag if the cam is set to upload a 20K image every 30 seconds. Feh.

My boss just left for the day... said he "might" be in tomorrow. haha, okay. I'm reading up on Extreme Programming because he told me too. I need to fix/update two other laptops. I'd like to repartition and reformat my laptop but I need to clean it off first and have the time to reinstall everything.

I really should integrate my livejournal into my pinkle.com page soon. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. I'd like to, I haven't worked on my page in a while and it's not complete.

Talking to Brett on AIM right now. Downloading/Uploading movies too. I'll write more when i think of what else I wanted to write.

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