Rick (medlir) wrote,

Don't Be Sad.

A grid of possibilities.

No sightings... full moon tomorrow.

No talk of vision.

Building a room, a white box.

Close friend visiting unexpectedly, very neat.

A different kind of happy is a want, not a need.

Realization of accuracy on unseeing mind.

Pointlessly plugged in for no need?

Dusky sunset. Disappointed. Saddened by absence.

Endless list of questions. Finite list of wonder.

Diseases and Cookbooks sharing. The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus in Psychology.

"It seems what's left of my human side is slowly changing in me. Looking at my own reflection, when suddenly it changes, violently it changes. There is no turning back now that you've woken up the demon in me."

Blink. Gone in a flash. The book on the shelf. Myself.

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