New collection of future memories.

Replaced frayed noose. Transferred neck to paper. View.

Here again?

Strange discussion with a weird but friendly guy. Invitation to meetings and BBQ.

Microserfs ended happy... I was so happy!

Memento is interesting. But one question... how does he remember he has his condition if he learned he had it after he lost his short-term memory... he shouldn't be able to remember that's why he can't remember... he doesn't have a tatoo explaining his memory loss nor does he ever consult a peice of paper to remind himself...

Sneaking over small obstacles, but not getting any closer to any kind of result.

Physical to get certification.

New source of income, possibly double it.

Sometimes, the possibilities for some things are more important than the reality of other things.

Rose smiling.

Increasing impatience soon to be followed by the exact opposite.

MMMMmmmm happy Douglas Coupland goodness. I adore him. I've read everything he's written. You must read _Life After God_. It's amazing.

I think Is aw that ont he shelf at B&N when I got Microserfs... I'll check for it in an hour or so when I go there. :) So many books... so little money. :| I was just happy Microserfs ended happy... about midway through with everything going so good for Dan and Karla, I was automatically waiting for something huge and bad to happen... but it didn't, which is good. :)

He does have a tattoo to remind him: "Remember Sammy Jenkins"... as you learn, he himself IS Sammy Jenkins and the tattoo reminds him somehow... I dont know how, really, but it does. I guess that's one of the assumptions of the movie.

Yeah. that's how i think of it. :)

Sometimes, the possibilities for some things are more important than the reality of other things.

You are correct. Just knowing that I could possibly get another job somewhere else, just getting an interview is far more important than actually getting it (until I actually get it over course) and sometimes it's even more important than my job now. I spend a week or so looking and scouring the internet for job posting everywhere even while at work.


*distributes a cookie to today's winner... mouse!*


I like this abstract posting I'm doing, it makes it easier for people to comment by applying things to themselves even if my own original idea wasn't the same... you still understand the concept and can relate to it, which is awesome.

I actually added that in as a second-thought... it had been a single unattached line of thinking that I wrote in my paper journal last night.

*hugs* for mouse.

YAY cookie!

mmm, abstract thoughts. i can relate to most if not everything you've been posting recently, but this one is fairly near and dear to my heart for some reason. :)

*hugs Medlir*

One day i hope to be a weird yet friendly (maybe friendly ;/) person :/.

Hmm, you've got weird down pat... I'm doubting your friendly-ability though... I mean... all the random acts of violence... the kicking, the punching, the nad-scratching, the nuclear missiles launched at countries that annoyed you...

On the other hand... who needs boring friendliness?!?! We're all heading towards a world-wide Fight Club anyway. :D

True that.. im almost there! next target: iceland

I hath been angered by the fact greenland is ice and iceland is not.. psh why call it iceland? why not call it synland...


I find your journal very interesting. and your views as well. I like your writing style. and I've been juggling with the idea of the straightedge lifestyle, since I'm pretty much there anyway. hmmm. I'll be back. until then, be well. I'll add you to my friends list. but I won't ask for anything back.

Thank you. And the current writing style was/is just a randomness I felt like playing with. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it up or not, it's kind of evolving as time passes and I've been kind of lax on my posting the last week or three. It's definately interesting to me though. I guess you changed your mind about adding me though since your posted this. :P Thank you for the compliments though. :)