Rick (medlir) wrote,

The soul is in the details.

New collection of future memories.

Replaced frayed noose. Transferred neck to paper. View.

Here again?

Strange discussion with a weird but friendly guy. Invitation to meetings and BBQ.

Microserfs ended happy... I was so happy!

Memento is interesting. But one question... how does he remember he has his condition if he learned he had it after he lost his short-term memory... he shouldn't be able to remember that's why he can't remember... he doesn't have a tatoo explaining his memory loss nor does he ever consult a peice of paper to remind himself...

Sneaking over small obstacles, but not getting any closer to any kind of result.

Physical to get certification.

New source of income, possibly double it.

Sometimes, the possibilities for some things are more important than the reality of other things.

Rose smiling.

Increasing impatience soon to be followed by the exact opposite.
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